Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

Two new subscription services I recently signed up to.

Smol send laundry capsules through the mail. 24 capsules for £3.95 which is a serious bargain IMO. I can legitimately say I feel better that I never have to worry about buying laundry soap again :joy:

I’ve also just switched my contact lens supplier from Boots Opticians to Waldo. Half the price, for a start - and I’m also switching from two week ones to dailies, since I never remember how long I’ve been wearing them for, and that seems unnecessarily dangerous (if I wear them for too long) or wasteful (if I change them before I need to)

Anyone got any other decent practical subscription services that they are trying?


But what about fabric softener? :eyes:

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I guess that depends what you’re comparing it to though? It’s not bargain in my eyes when you’re still paying 3x as much per wash compared to buying a box of powder.

I sort-of agree with you on the contact lenses though, although in my case I just order them ad-hoc on-line at whatever outlet is selling them cheapest at the time.


I guess that depends on the ability to purchase a large enough box of powder, which I never do, since I don’t drive, and I’m not gonna carry a huge box down the road from the nearest supermarket along with all my other shopping.


Internet shopping… job done :wink:

Used to grudge paying for the delivery charge, but Sainsburys do a year pass (which usually goes on offer) and it’s pretty good value!

Looks interesting. Have given the trial a go!

I use mysupermarket.com to help me find the cheapest supermarket for each internet shop, so I don’t really want to get locked into a year pass thing…

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I use Prime Now about once a week, I am reasonably sure their washing powder is more expensive than Smol though!

Some time ago I used to use one supermarket for s month or two, then switch to another for a while. The first supermarket would them send me free delivery or other offers. Then it’s just a case of continual switching to keep the free delivery offers rolling in.

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Veg, fruit, and meat (or just veg and fruit if your vegan) I get online most of the time these days but not from supermarkets.

Although i get it on an adhoc basis at the moment most farm places do them as a subscription as well “veg box” or “meat box” for example. It has the added benefit of reduced plastic waste which a number have reusing, reducing, and recycling as a goal, and generally higher quality food than super market food which I’ve been increasingly disappointed with. I wont recommend any specific ones as they vary by location and i think its generally better to look at places closer to you. (You’re local farm shop may also deliver on a subscription basis).

I’m going though a few places to see which is best for me currently.


Cheers for that, just ordered the trial for Smol. Don’t suppose you know anyone who can sort out the merchant icon? :grin:


Probably not much in it. 24 smol capsules at 3.85, comes to around 16.04pence per capsule.

I buy 55 aerial liquitabs, usual price is £9, so 16.4pence, but then the supermarkets usually run offers on aerial, plus nectar points on top of that, so could be had for less.

Either way, whatever works for you :smiley:

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How does a washing tablet subscription even become a thing? What world have I stepped into?


One where we’ve gone back to when supermarkets didn’t exist and you got all your food from people who sold the things they knew about? That’s my guess anyway, there seems to be a resurgence of people going back to the milk man, local butcher, greengrocer, etc. except now we have the internet and can do it online.


Why is there no grocery aggregator? You do your online shop, it shows you the cost from each of the main supermarkets including the delivery cost and then they get the gig… Seems really obvious.


mysupermarket.com ?


I might :wink:

Submit it through the app and I’ll see what magic I can work up :grinning:


Already done! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I can’t see a Twitter account for them so I put the full Instagram link in. I seem to remember that things that aren’t Twitter might be broken though :frowning:

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Reload now and have a look :grinning:

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Name fixed :raised_hands: but no logo :cry:

I added one… weird. lemme try again

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