Monzo equivalent in each industry?

(Tristan Thomas) #1

What other companies are out there that are trying to disrupt traditionally old-fashioned industries? I’ve seen companies like Bulb doing it for energy, but would love to be able to move my whole life over to companies, startups and organisations doing things better :smiley:

(Zain Jetha) #2

Fastmail absolutely nail email. A stunning web app, and very good support for open protocols, and native push with the iOS apps. By far the best email service I’ve ever used.

(Zain Jetha) #3

PensionBee have helped me consolidate pensions. I’m sure as a Monzo employee, they may even agree to pay into your PensionBee plan too. A great service, with a great UI and good customer service too.

(Colin Robinson) #4

Not heard of Bulb but I’m using Flipper to keep my costs under control - I saved just over £100 in the last twelve months for a £25 annual fee.


I wonder if anyone would be interested in an innovative telecoms company. Completely self-service, with features you don’t usually see like multiple numbers on one SIM or foreign numbers (thanks to Twilio). I’ve got the technical side pretty much figured out, now it’s just a question of whether enough people would be willing to sign up to make it profitable.

(Mark) #6

Have to 100% recommend Bulb. One of the cheapest tariffs on the market for gas and electricity, and fully renewable electricity. Superb customer service, based in London, and will even pay your exit fees to switch to them. Web app is superb also.

Also give £50 to new members - if you want to use my referral link drop me a line!

Edit: Had a fair few messages asking for this, so will just leave this here if it’s easier!

Any questions drop me a line!


The monzo of Fast food / Casual dining is Vita Mojo :wink:

(Bob) #8

I’ll take a Bulb referral link if it’s still going. I’ve given up on NPOWER as they’ve been messing me around for weeks. I just had an online chat with Samantha at Bulb CS and she was very helpful in answering questions :grinning:

(Bob) #9

Anyone with a Bulb referral link they can DM to me? I’m itching to leave my current supplier :grimacing:


Hi Mark, keen to give Bulb a try - if you could ping over the referral link?


(Kane Sims-Wilson) #11 Feel free to use mine if Mark doesn’t send his across. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bob) #12

Thanks @kanesw :thumbsup:

I’ve just signed up and got given a referral link to pass on:

(Mark) #13

So after my post I’ve had quite a few message for the link, it’s probably easier if I just post it on here!

10/10 service, could not reccomend more!


(Frank) #14

Do bulb install smart meters?

(Bob) #15

Not yet. They are waiting for the rollout of 2nd generation smart meters before they start installing them. Personally I feel this is a good move:

(Frank) #16

Thanks for the reply though I thought it was being resolved centrally for the gen1 meters.

(Zach Hart) #17

Bulb looks really great, actually. Once I have my own home, I will look into it in more detail.

Neos looks pretty neat for home insurance and home protection. It mixes cameras and other technology with insurance via an app. It hasn’t started just yet, but I’ve joined the mailing/waiting list to get more info once it starts next month.


I would be wary of company that mandates network-connected alarms/cameras/etc - while I support the idea there is currently no proof they’ve done their homework security-wise. For all we know their devices could be rebranded chinese crap with default passwords, outdated operating systems and remote code execution exploits.

(Christopher McPhillips) #19


Talk to me. I’m keen to learn more.


Well, my post pretty much sums it up - the main roadblocks now are marketing and how to get enough funding to attract the MNOs and get a good deal on voice and data - currently the provider we’re using for testing is charging 2p/MB (excl. VAT) which is way too expensive, and some features are missing (this provider has two types of SIMs - voice SIM where we control voice/texts but can’t manage data, and data SIM where we control data so we can do amazing things like blocking ads at the network level, but we lose voice completely on those).

This is probably not the right place do discuss this, so drop me an email if you would like to learn more.