Subscription Boxes


Has anyone has any experience with subscription boxes? I’ve just started using Harry’s… the packaging is really good… and the quality of the products is amazing…

Only small downside is they use Hermes which aren’t great…

If you want to have a go please use my link and we both get £5 off :slight_smile:

I am also getting SimplyCook… I find this one really nice! Good price too!
You can get a SimplyCook trial box. Use code: DR5705 to get your first box for just £1 and free delivery!

I’m also be interested in any other boxes you get? :slight_smile:

I use Pact Coffee! They’re great, really good coffee and super fast shipping :slight_smile: If anyone fancies signing up


I have used Cornerstone in the past, but rarely need to shave so have a bit of a stockpile. I order as and when I need more.

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I too don’t shave that often, so I set Harry’s to 6 months… the good thing with them is they email you a few days before so you can change it if required to be longer :slight_smile:

I used to be on Graze, but they’re a too expensive for what you get.

I’m now part of the Hotel Chocolat tasting club (as of last month) which is expensive, but I get a LOT of chocolate out of it, plus discounts in the store after the second box, so it’ll work out alright. Not sure if I’m gonna continue it on or not but we’ll see…

I’m just looking at getting this:

Anybody used them?

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This box is probably irrelevant for 80% of the people on forums but I’ve recently got a couple of boxes from Pink Parcel, a period subscription box where they give you a bunch of period products, beauty samples and full size products (moisturisers, lipsticks, scrubs etc.), snacks, and tea.

It’s £11/ month full price which is obviously ridiculously steep even taking into account how bloody expensive period products are but they do a lot of offer codes so I’ve got my first box at £5 and the second for only £1. I got some gems in there including a really good facial oil from Dr Botanicals worth £25. One of my fave brands!

My link (I get a £5 voucher, you get your first box for £9.99). Wouldn’t use it unless you have exhausted all means of discounts. Look out for their regular emails for discounts :eyes:


I’m quite enjoying Unboxed Vegan:


I like the look of that one but then I read that it’s £15 a month and a box of 3-5 books every 3 months (plus other stuff). So £45 for 3-5 books… I think I’d rather just buy a book I actually wanted every month. :man_shrugging:

Kinda the problem with Sub Boxes, you sometimes get a really cool thing but you also get a bunch of stuff you probably wont like or need.

I still use my Library Card and use for ideas on what to read next. You can ‘order’ library books online and then pop in and pick them up :smiley:

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The loveliest one I’ve done is a subscription from Daunt books for my youngest:
She wants to study English and devours books, but a lot of what she reads is prescribed by her A level course. I went into the shop and spoke with one of the sales assistants about her, what she enjoys reading, books she hasn’t enjoyed etc. ( you can have this conversation by phone I think if you’re not London based) They send her a novel a month ( through the post, beautifully wrapped!) based on this conversation and so far have sent her some wonderful literary fiction and really expanded her taste. If they send something she has already read she can send it back for something else. We are half way through the year now and so far they’ve been a hit each month. It’s quite expensive (£160/year for the 12 books) but I think has been a real success and a really lovely gift.


Oh that looks very cool! I like that they get someone to give you personalised recommendations.

I might have to put the Coin Jar to use and save up for it though! :smiley:

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The Daunt subscription is lovely, and an ideal present for one of my nieces! Though I’d have to buy the others something of a comparable price :flushed:

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This has come up in community;

1 Like If this is what I think it was then I’d of loved it… cheese subscription? I love cheese but unfortunetly they are no longer trading :frowning:

They were still in business a month ago

You’ve ruined my weekend and probably the rest of my life as well. It was my aspirational goal to subscribe to that one day :sob:


Would it not be cheaper to do cheese toasties yourself? It is such a cute subscription box though, I’m a sucker for food boxes

I watched a YouTube review for the cheese toast postie a few months back and I remember finding it amusing people would pay to get two slices of white bread and some mild cheddar cheese in the post. Unrefrigerated. N to the O thanks.


They weren’t just cheese toasties. There was Apple pie toastie, chocolate fudge cake toastie, macaroni cheese toastie, French onion soup toastie… think there was about 30 varieties

So much packaging for two slices of bread and some filling!


That’s the one. He’s hilarious, I recommend his other reviews. Grumpy Brit in action.