Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

How is Chapar? I’m interested in giving it a go. How often are deliveries?

I bet @simonb is proper gutted that Smol doesn’t do some kind of referral scheme after all these people he’s managed to get signed up! I signed up a couple of days earlier but was a little disappointed on how long the trail pods took to come. Maybe I’m just used to the speedy replacement of Monzo cards shading my view!

I’m looking for a shaving subscription. I tired Sterling Shave Club back when it seemed to be the only one out there and it was crap.

Does anyone have any experiences with Dolar Shave Club or Harry’s? These seem to be the two most popular ones at the moment.


Harry’s is very good! Had it for about a month and very impressed with the quality of the blades…

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Harrys and Dollar Shave club are ok deals… however you can find the same blades cheaper elsewhere. Lidl’s own brand razor uses the same blades as Harrys and they are much cheaper. Dollar Shave club blades are made by Dorco, you can buy them direct here https://www.razorsbydorco.co.uk . sainsbury’s also uses the same blades for their own brand razors.


Thanks for the comprehensive information!

I’ll certainly take a look at those!

I see a few people here looking a razor’s. You should seriously look at getting a double edge safety razor instead and get good blades sent to you. It’s cheaper, higher quality, better shave, and better for the environment.


Got my daysofts today. Don’t usually wear contacts as my eyesight is only -0.75. Will update later in the day.

I’ve electric shaved for the last few years but toying with going back to manual and been looking at double edged ones. Not sure what to pick. Was also looking at the Phillips one blade, heard it doesn’t give that close a shave though :confused:

I think about it (and maybe it’s my naivety) but I think that I slice my face often enough with disposable razors. With my clumsiness, I’d have no face left!

Your best bet is to get a sample pack, most stores will do them, you can then find what ones work best for you.

Like a lot of things disposable razors where a gimmick to sell more and lock you in. Why use one razor that works with any blade when you can get a razor that only works with the companies blade.

Slicing your face maybe just using the blade to much or putting to much pressure on your face? I’ve found safety razors to work very well and you can avoid any little cuts by just not putting pressure on it.


Probably a bit of both if I’m honest!

I used to use Cornerstone but I’ve stoppped shaving now and become an aging hipster (according to the football fans on the train last night) :sunglasses:



Oh and I’m trying something new thanks to @simonb and this thread


I’ve found my razor has gone missing from the bathroom — I hate the people I live with (besides my fiancée!) and can’t be bothered putting a message in the house Whatsapp group asking if anyone knows anything, it won’t get a response.

I’m in the market for a new one. I had a standard Wilkinson Sword razor and whatever blades they do. So now I’m going to try out some of these subscriptions.

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@icedcoffee Cornerstone lets you put your initials on the handle

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Well that’s a winner!
I’ve gone with Harrys this time. Maybe I’ll change in a few months.

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Have to agree re double edge shaving, I have a Merkur razor and use Japanese Feather blades, fabulous shave and way cheaper than any cartridge system.

Pamper yourself with a gel pre shave, a good brush and foam, follow it up with an alum stick and moisturiser.

Then get your SO to check it… :wink:


One could simply instruct one’s valet to perform these duties, surely?


Bit the bullet and ordered some Daysoft too… Gonna give them a whirl.

if only!
They come to 10 (I think) cities around the UK, I think Bristol is as far south as they go, and glasgow as far north.
But it’s a fun evening, and they discount the ticket price on your order if you order that evening