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Not even Lidl or Aldi own brand D/washer tablets ?

Oh possibly not sure can’t say I’ve tried!

I’m always on the look out for dishwasher tablets at a decent price, did get some Fairy Tablets from Farmfoods for about £9.99 for 84 tablets so 8.4p a tablet.

B&M regularly do Finish Powerball Classic boxes of 110 for £7.99

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They any good ?

They clean a full-size dishwasher of dishes in a hard water area just fine. We add salt and rinse aid as a matter of course regardless of the tablets.
We used to use Aldi Magnum ones (which consistently get a Which Best Buy award), but I think in bulk the ones from B&M were fractionally cheaper.

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I’ve been using dollar shave club for a little while now. I get a 4 pack of 4 blade razors every other month for £6. They recommend swapping blades every week but I’ve had no issue with using one for 2 weeks.

They also let you get other shaving products in your box and although I’ve been loving the Shave Butter (shaving cream) I don’t think its worth the money.

I’m still unsure if using dishwasher salt and rinse aid do help even if the tablets have both included.

I can attest to the fact that they do. Without them I have streaky and spotty glasses.
More expensive tablets might make them unnecessary, however a bag of salt every month, and a bottle of rinse aid every 6 months is easily cheaper than Quantum Powerball or whatever that cost 3x as much per tab (and might not even work).


I’ll give it a try sometime.

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Not sure if this counts as being practicable but I’ve just ordered a Quip Product RED toothbrush from the USA after reading this article:

That’s a coincidence!

This morning I was thinking I need to order a Quip toothbrush after the battery on my Oral-B conked out after only 2 days. The long battery life and lack of reliance on a charger is what appeals to me.

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How to daysoft lenses compare to other brands can someone who ordered lmk thanks

I’m loving the Daysoft ones. Quality is great, price is fantastic.


It’s all about ILoveGin.com! Two miniatures and two tonics a month for £14.

Get involved! https://www.ilovegin.com?ref=j4ge1hbp6o

BrewDog Fanzine is also pretty good - three limited edition cans for £11, but a lot of them are very strong.


Who gives a crap folk - what do we think of them? I’m nearly out of loo roll so considering ordering some to try it. Worth the money?

PS - loving my DE razor these days!


I’ve signed up recently. Very impressed! I would recommend the bamboo paper personally. Good quality, fair price and less chance of running out when one of the family forget to replace the roll! Bear in mind tho, if you purchase the 48 rolls it’s a fair amount and you’ll need an understairs cupboard or similar to store them. I’ve also used their kitchen roll, again quality and price seemed fair.

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Have you tried the recycled type for comparison?

I have. You get both kinds in a trial pack. Personally, I thought the bamboo were softer (no splinters either!)

Worth giving the trial a go - 2 recycled rolls, 2 bamboo rolls. FREE. You just pay for shipping.


Ah, I didn’t see a trial on their site the other day