Vodafone not accepting Monzo or Starling on their new Evo Plans

Just been told that I can’t sign up to the new type of Vodafone Contracts because I have a Monzo Card and it’s a “International Card”. Who do I contact in Monzo for help with acceptance?


However I’d personally just try a different operator by calling back or ask for it to be escalated. Sometimes the person you deal with have it in their head that Monzo are still stuck back in their prepay days or these “Fintech banks” are not real banks.

I have a vodafone contract that works with Monzo so I’m not sure what the difference is between this and what you’re applying for.


They released a new type of contract this morning and the advisor said it’s a new company rule

So they will only take cards that can’t be used outside the UK?

I can’t see any company making a rule like that. Like I said, just call back and speak to someone else :crossed_fingers:

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No chance this is a new company rule. I bet they’ve got confused with pre-paid or something.

As Orcat says, call back and hopefully you get to speak to someone who isn’t an idiot.


One moment and I’ll get a screenshot for you. I’ve been told the same thing from all 3 people I have spoken to, it’s a new rule from today based on their new Evo plans which are contracts that come with Loans

Love that name


It’s ok, we don’t need a screenshot - we believe you.

You’ve just got to try and find a way around it.

  • Apply online
  • Try calling back (again)
  • Ask for a complaint to be raised
  • Email Monzo (acceptance@monzo.com)

Otherwise you need to use another bank, or find another contract I’m afraid because it’s going to be a long hard battle to try and get them to change.


I have emailed Acceptance now. I’ve just got the new phone on Klarna instead and got a sim only it’s worked out cheaper aswell


Any company that says they don’t accept Monzo. I would be like “Oh ok, well I’ll go and shop somewhere that does want my custom then”

I have two current accounts. 1) is my bills account and I do not use for general spending. 2) is my Monzo account.

Touchwood. I have not had anywhere other than a parking meter not accept my Monzo card. However, this parking meter has now been updated and accepts Monzo.

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Form memory they can’t “not accept Monzo”. If they want to “not accept MasterCard Debit” then that’s fine but they can’t differentiate by bank under their agreements with MasterCard.

Of course, “reality” and “allowed to” may turn out to be two different things.

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I’m waiting for Monzo to reply to my acceptance email. I think I will be waiting a while but will have to wait and see

I suspect the only reply you’ll see will say “Thanks for letting us know.”.

Personally I’d register a formal complaint with Vodaphone if this really is a rule since Monzo can’t actually make them do anything they don’t want to do.

Whether there’s an avenue of complaint to MasterCard, I don’t know.

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Thanks for your input. I did the sale through the website and it went through fine. It’s nice they are doing customisable plans. I’ve just got a plan on a 12 month contract with half upfront paid so it’s really nice and flexible but I don’t get why they are refusing challenger banks.

Ah well. I’m sorted now just for anyone else that it might happen to

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To clarify was this a monzo direct debit or card payment?

I would imagine it’s a Monzo card they didn’t except. I can’t see them not being able to accept sort code and account number, or if that was the case they would be blocking all of the Monzo sort codes.

It looks :eyes: like Vodafone :iphone: are aware of the issue - and have taken a leaf :maple_leaf: out of Monzo’s book :closed_book: in their use of emojis :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:.

It’s a Vodafone rule. Some advisors are not aware but Voda blocked them

It’s usually direct debits that aren’t accepted.

Places must/should accept Monzo as it’s just Mastercard.

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