Vodafone does not accept Monzo Card

Hi folks,

I just moved from Australia to UK and got my salary account and other things sorted out thanks to Monzo.
However when i tried to get a Vodafone based sim online by providing the Monzo card details, It just doesn’t allow me. Attached snaps47%20pm

On enquiring the Vodafone customer care i was puzzled to find out that they don’t consider Monzo as national banks and won’t honour the card :frowning:

The Monzo representative couldn’t sort me out either, he said that he can replace the card for me which works fine for the normal stuff.

Wondering if the issue is with my card or the Monzo Card won’t help me getting any mobile plans from any network and i need to resort to opening a bank with other traditional banks ?


This has been reported a few times on here but no concrete answer. I think last time I saw it was @HughWells that picked it up. I’d also email acceptance@monzo.com so they can pick up with Vodafone and mastercard.

Thanks for the reply, Wondering if the issue is just with the Vodafone or all the providers ?

That seems odd, I’ve never encountered this and have my Direct Debit set up with Vodafone through Monzo. Whatever they’ve told you, it’s certainly not something which is universally true so I’d question that further with Vodafone.


Cheers for the reply @SamPye. I have attached the screenshot , that’s the error that i am facing while trying to buy it online. Were you able to buy the sim online ?

I agree, it does seem very odd! I have had a DD setup with Vodafone from early last year and never experienced a problem.

Unless they have not updated their system to accept the cards? Is there a Vodafone shop nearby you can pop into and see if they can process this?

Could it be the Secure 3D stage where it is going south? I have an issue with one particular website where after I enter my Monzo card details to make a payment, it gives a similar response and the payment doesn’t go through. If I visit the SAME website using an incognito instance of the browser (chrome), the payment is accepted and I get a pop-up in the Monzo app to authorise it and the authorisation works OK.

I haven’t yet got to the bottom of why this happens, but I know it isn’t a cookie on the local machine because I’ve tried the usual ‘clear all history’ attempt.

I don’t believe the issue lies with taking payment, from what I’ve seen on previous threads it’s related to identify verification which is superstar systems/processes

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Intersting thought @davidwalton, I do get the card confirmation in my Monzo app , I even tried it with my Australian based credit card it fails with same error. Only difference is that in the case of Monzo it didn’t charge me anything while in the case of my Aussie card the verification amount was charged for AUD $2 ? Not sure if that’s gonna be refunded either

I agree that’s the case here, They actually use the card for checking my identity or at least that’s what their Card Section says and post submit button it fails with the attached snap error. So not sure they have got IT issue may be trying to connect the master card with only certain providers excluding Monzo. I am just anxious that this might be case with all the providers out there need to sort out a sim for myself , Currently relying pay as you go which cost big bucks

After reading this, my gut feeling is that your issue isn’t Monzo related - more likely a browser/caching issue? Try it with an incognito/private/secret-don’t-track-me instance of your browser to see what happens.

I did report to them, But they said they match the card name with my uk registered account and address. So they need what they termed a card from National Bank . Anyways let me see if your trick works for me thanks for that

Might not be a useful advise, since you’re already in the process of applying, but I’d avoid Vodafone out of a principle anyway…

Not sure what they mean by a National Bank, unless they simply refer to the old legacy banks, in which case they shouldn’t be. Monzo has a Full banking license the same as any other High Street bank.


Thanks for the info totally not keen on them, Currently with 3 and their network dies on you as soon as you enter any of the Central London buildings . Let me know if you know of any providers out there which would work inside one of these massive BishopGate buildings ?

To be honest all UK providers are a bit crap… and one can have coverage in one building and another in the building next to. I personally use EE as it covers our work building where o2 indoors coverage was a complete nightmare (but in general o2’s service in London went downhill in the last few years). That said EE is a bit pricey…

Equally triggered with they using the term National Bank , gathering my support here within community , As i had this feeling from those words that i am trying to use dodgy payment provider or bank and no one supports them. Sorry no hard feelings

Thanks not worried about pricing paying 25 quids for 500mb data currently with no reception whatsoever, I just want something to work while i am inside my office.

I would recommend you downloading OpenSignal App and compare which operator has best performance in your building. Also for £20 you should be getting 20Gigs :cry:

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I had this issue with Three when trying to order a new contract online last year.