Vodafone not accepting Monzo or Starling on their new Evo Plans

I’ve never had an issue with my Vodafone direct debit before. Only since these new plans they offer with the device loan

Well that’s probably against the MasterCard rules.

They are saying it’s because Monzo is not a real bank and the card is an international card. Clearly someone in Vodafone is not well educated

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I’m not sure that would matter even if it was true. A mastercard is a mastercard.

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We’re going round in circles now.

They’re reportedly saying many things but none of them stack up with the rules of the schemes for taking payments of which they’re members and which have already been discussed.

If they take MasterCard Debit cards they have to accept Monzo MasterCards. If they take Direct Debit they are supposed to accept valid sort codes (I believe). If they’re not doing these things then there are no valid reasons for doing so and anyone affected should probably complain to them

I don’t really think there’s much more anyone can say. Have we covered it @AlanDoe?


I already marked a solution