Dividebuy rejects monzo

I’m full Monzo, now I have to transfer money back to a high street bank to allow this transaction?

It doesn’t have to be a High Street bank (Starling, Chase, for example) but yes, it looks like it.

You can contact Monzo to report it, but I doubt you’d get a quick resolution.

It’s for them to update their BIN database. Monzo can’t force that, only so as much as you, such as asking them to do so.

I don’t think it’s a BIN issue, they’re just refusing to accept Monzo, presumably because they think it’s a prepaid card?

Looks like a BIN issue; possibly don’t know how to update their systems.

They can’t (under Mastercard rules) pick and choose what Mastercards they accept; it’s all or nothing.

Normally I’d assume it was but they seem to recognise it’s a Monzo card (so their BIN data is relatively up to date), they just refuse to accept Monzo, Revolut and other prepaid cards.

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Naughty of them.

Worth raising a complaint to them (never heard of dividebuy).

Just noticed it’s part of Zopa, they don’t accept Revolut, Starling or Chase for direct debits either.

Wonder what the chew is, GoCardless is their provider but I’m sure they accept all the above.

I pay Zopa CC by faster payments from Revolut no issue.

And they accept via instant transfer within the app. What a broken system :joy:


They’re part of Zopa so you’d think they’d know better


Same thing as airlines refusing Monzo and seemingly being able to block Monzo when people have tried it.


Aye I just updated my post above.


Everytime someone shows a monzo in flight.


DivideBuy is the worst company I’ve had the displeasure of (not) doing business with

They have a default on my credit file that clearly isn’t mine, only Monzo Credit insights shows it but it’s clear to me that other lenders are taking it into account

Because I can’t give them details about the account they point blank refuse to engage with me, I can’t dispute it because it doesn’t show on CreditKarma, TotallyMoney or any other credit tracker that has the dispute function

And to make it worse Zopa offered me a credit card with a nice limit 2 years after my supposed “default” with them!

Monzo Credit insights comes from Equifax and TransUnion.


Get the statutory reports from the two and you should be able to find out which one it is, and then dispute it.

I have, the account shows on neither of the reports

Equifax has no record of it, TransUnion statutory, Lloyds Credit Tracker, CreditKarma, TU don’t show it… only Monzo credit tracker

Weird, because Monzo have to be pulling it from somewhere! I presume you’ve tried going through Monzo support to try and find out?

Yeah, could be that Monzo have mismatched the credit file with one of them.

Yes, took me a few days to get out of the outsourced echo chamber and then the UK based support took a look and gave me the link you did above to TransUnion statutory

Kind of stumped on what to do now

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We look forward to supporting you!

Unfortunately, we’re currently unable accept Monzo, Revolut, prepaid payment cards or credit cards. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

As a result, we recommend that you try another card that we can accept. Alternatively, f this is not applicable, you may wish to seek a different payment method with the retailer.

Got a reply from Dividebuy

Bit disingenuous. They’re not unable to take Monzo, they’ve chosen not to take them. And while one could understand the rest of the list (not proper banks), Monzo seems rather the odd one out (proper bank).

Poor show indeed from Dividebuy.

The logical solution, however, from looking at what they do, would appear to be: [apply for/have] a Monzo Flex card and use that instead?

This is an issue at Divide Buy rather than Monzo - back before Monzo had a full banking licence it was classed as a ‘pre pay’ card that you topped up before you could spend on it.

Many of these companies do things on the cheap and don’t update their systems regularly enough so they’re probably still classing Monzo as a Pre Pay and not recognising the fact that they’re a fully fledged bank now

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