O2 won’t accept Monzo

Has anyone else had issues trying to pay O2 online or through their app with the Monzo card?

Last month and the month before I tried to pay my o2 balances through the app and can get 3 paid with my Monzo card before the app starts refusing it and telling me to contact my bank. I have done and there is no problem at Monzo’s end so it’s something o2 are doing.
This morning I got 3 paid after removing my card details and re-entering them, then they stopped accepting it again.
Just wondering why o2 have a problem with Monzo

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I recall seeing issues with o2 mentioned before. Search the forums maybe?

It could be a fraud flag.

Might be worth starting a chat with Monzo in app.

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I have similar issues, have to call them when I want to make a payment otherwise it doesn’t go through on app or website!

Might try deleting card details and adding them back on though :thinking:

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That works sometimes but the problem definitely sits with o2, I’ve been told every excuse by them but the best so far was we can only accept your card up to a maximum of 4 times a day for anti-money laundering reasons :joy: even though at times they won’t accept it once

They’re obviously on a different planet. One where the days are much longer. :joy: