Refused to accept in Vodafone

I was in Vodafone earlier today to do an upgrade. When they asked me for my debit card to do an identity check, they outright refused to accept monzo saying it is an unsupported bank.

Has anyone else heard of this?

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Yes. Quite a bit on this here:

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I had this last year when I was setting up a new contract. They couldn’t take my card in store or on their website but when I rang up to do it they could put it through fine. The guy at the store said they’d seen quite a bit of that with “new” banks.

Might be worth calling them?


Thanks. I shall go ahead and try that. I should have perhaps checked the forum first prior to posting! Despite having used Mondo/Monzo since summer 2016, I’m a forum noob!

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I can’t believe this Vodafone kerfuffle is still a thing…

Has anyone looked into this in any depth at all?

Is it something to do with CRA reporting in these instances of not being accepted for ID?


No issue for me when I took a contract out with them online in November so strange it doesn’t affect everyone

It seems to me to not actually be an issue with Vodafone or monzo, rather employees within stores refusing to accept it even though it does work.

I’ve never had acceptance issues online however a few places have refused the card without even trying it.