Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance


Just had this happen to me on TicketClever

(Allie) #288

Did it crash them in a ‘locked up no one else can use them at least for a bit’ way? If so, I’d consider that a huge positive Monzo feature…

Edit… I just think pay toilets are wrong. I don’t condone trying to crash them. But if it happens accidentally I’m not going to feel bad.


it crashed them in a you have to press the button under the screen and wait 5 minutes before they do anything kind of way. If you don’t press the button, they stay locked up until someone does, I think.

I do now have a nice collection of expired 0.50 euro vouchers for various service stations across europe in a pile that I keep forgetting to throw away though


I don’t seem to be able to add my Monzo card to my National Lottery account.
Is anyone else having this issue?
I have gone full Monzo, and they only accept debit cards not credit cards, so I don’t have another card I can use.

I don’t have gambling transactions blocked on the Monzo app, and I have tried multiple times now with no luck.

This is the error that comes up


I use my Monzo card for a mi they National Lottery Direct Debit without issue. I also won the princely sum of £2.50 the other day and that got paid directly I to my Monzo account.

Not much help I know, but the website definitely accepts Monzo!

(Andy) #292

Hi @monzo2018 Do you get the 3D secure prompt coming up on your phone when you try to pay? You should get a monzo style page coming up and also a notification on your phone asking you to approve the transaction.


Nope no 3D secure page came up :frowning:


Cool - I don’t wanna set up a direct debit though as I don’t play it often, so I can only use the option of adding my debit card.

(Kolok) #295

Usual troubleshooting clear cache /cookies on that site and try a different browser,

It looks like a Worldpay issue rather than a monzo one.


Now it has suddenly worked, after about 10 attempts lol. Who knows what the issue was then!
I don’t like that the lottery website forces you to store your card details on the website. When paying for stuff online I prefer to use Safari autofill, or if I have to store the card number on the website then I could much prefer to use a credit card.

(Gareth) #297

Funnily enough, I just tried to add a different (well known) card to the lottery website and got the same screen. Doesn’t look Monzo related :slight_smile:

Edit: It worked the second time

(Adam Kendrew) #298

DFS don’t accept the Monzo sort code for their finance. I think the alert mentioned something to do with not locating an IBAN.

Hopefully they can switch the direct debit over the phone back to our JA.

(Emily Jones) #299

Thames Water still not validating Monzo correctly on the website. Seems to be a known issue for other Monzo customers and we followed advice to block the JavaScript element. Bit of a pain though - they’ve known about it for over a year.

(Rob) #300

TUI have just had their card machine decline my purchase twice during a flight. Error came up saying declined and check expiry date. Weirdly it worked on the flight out for drinks so definitely seems to be an intermittent acceptance issue.

(Alex) #301

I flew on Norwegian Airlines yesterday and my card would not work via mag stripe but did work if he keyed in the number. On my return flight today it again failed in mag stripe but she wouldn’t key it, she said Monzo cards (which they see often) are always having problems. I am not sure if it is my card as the strip looks a bit worn but not too bad.

(Nick) #302

ISTR you have to enable mag stripe transactions in app before they will work, and that doing so only lasts for 24 hours.

(MikeF) #303

That is for Mag Stripe ATM transactions specifically. Not POS transactions.

(Nick) #304

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.


There was actually a discussion around this and @Louis.cox first said that some offline payments might need magstripe enabled but he clarified this later…

@Acdeag you might wanna send a DM to @Louis.cox or report on chat.

(Louis Cox) #306

Hey everyone!

VERY pleased to announce that Thames Water’s data validation partners have (finally) fixed the issue! :tada:

I want to apologise for how long this has taken - many customers have been unable to set up a Direct Debit for well over a year. Work-arounds like blocking JavaScript, although impressive, shouldn’t be necessary. I am sorry this has taken so long to resolve.

I would also like to apologise for the radio silence on the forum - we have been super busy in the payments team over the past few months - scaling operations and joining new schemes!

In terms of Merchant Acceptance, we are still tracking and investigating issues, but we have let the updates slip :disappointed:

Please keep reporting issues you come across to customer support in the app, and send through as much evidence as you can - it really helps!

Thanks :hot_coral_heart: