Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance


Great news! :tada: Thanks for the update.

In related news…

… new schemes, you say? :thinking:

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(Hugh Wells) #308

PayPoint counts as a new scheme - but we’re off topic now! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kolok) #309

My Monzo wouldn’t work when trying to buy a PAYG phone from Vodafone, I can’t remember the error but it was definitely something generic like ‘something went wrong’ I tried amending everything but eventually it went through when using a different card.

(Andre Borie) #310

In-store or online? I recently topped up a Vodafone Pay and Go online with Starling Bank (so not even 3D-Secure so worse compared to Monzo from Voda’s perspective) and it was perfectly fine.

(Kolok) #311

This was online for a PAYG phone with a £10 top-up in one transaction.

(Ryan Kirk) #312

ShopDirect (Very and Littlewoods) still don’t recognise the Monzo sort code as being a current account so refuse it on the grounds of it being a savings account :weary:

(Hugo Vieira) #313

Last time I checked, Vodafone still doesn’t like Monzo’s cards when signing up to any of their plans.

(Simon) #314

I couldn’t use my Monzo card on to buy car insurance recently. Their website just refused to accept the card with no message in the Monzo app


So, unsure if this is the right topic but got a new contract with EE a couple days ago.

They wanted my card number for a credit check & bank details for a DD to be setup. Bank details were OK for the DD and that’s been setup in my app, however, on the phone the woman said the system didn’t like the Monzo card and was rejecting it. She asked me if I had another card (which I did - Nationwide) and that worked flawlessly.

When she said the system was rejecting the Monzo card, I had a notification in my app for an auth charge from EE, so really unsure what that was about. Anyone had similar?


I don’t understand how this long after Monzo’s been a full current account that companies still aren’t accepting it. Shows BACS have no real power or deterrent to make them update their systems

(Andre Borie) #317

The weird credit check or whatever they’re doing is outside of BACS’ scope. In fact I’m not even sure what they’re trying to achieve with that - clearly it doesn’t even prove the card is linked to the account used for Direct Debits as @tbowditch used his NW card to “verify” a direct debit on his Monzo account.

(Daniel Smith) #318

I set up a contract with EE a couple of weeks ago and all went through fine! I did do it online though.


Correct - this is the bit I didn’t really understand! What’s the point even asking for my Monzo card then if you’re going to allow me to setup a DD elsewhere?

Interesting - maybe different systems? This was all over the phone for about 15-20 mins and her mostly exact words were “the system is not letting my proceed because of a ‘card error’, let me put you on hold a second” … “ok, let me verify your card details. (they were fine, still didnt work” … “do you have a different card you could use?” … “that worked!”

(Kolok) #320

I think the card check is a check by itself and doesn’t have to match the DD

(Andre Borie) #321

What’s the point of it though? If they’re not going to use the card since you’re paying via DD then why care about the card at all?

(Kolok) #322

They are verifying that you have a card with the security code and address matching the address given for a credit check, there is definitely a point to it, although adding the DD would be an extra step of security , but if someone had your card and security code then they will often have the DD details also.

If you have good credit legacy banks will open an account and give you the details but only ask you to upload i.d. within a few days so scammers do this then with the sort code and account number they could take a phone contract. This happened to member of my family with Halifax .

(Edward) #323

Just an update that I’m still have intermittent issues with Stripe-based checkouts accepting the Monzo card in some cases, but quietly failing (never even attempting to contact the Monzo servers) in others.
It’s doubly bizarre in that sometimes this is a ‘permanent’ issue (e.g. a checkout for a company will never accept the Monzo card no matter when or how many times the transaction is attempted), and in others the issue will come and go at random (e.g. Patreon will sometimes fail to take payment one month, then work perfectly fine the next few, then fail again). Luckily the issue can still be bypassed by Stripe’s Paypal integration (taking the exact same amount through the same card, but adding an intermediary) but it’s not ideal.
I did have one very helpful merchant who was willing to dig through their Stripe logs to recover this error:

which I passed along to the COps. It definitely looks like it’s a problem on Stripe’s end, though I can’t fathom why it would trigger their internal fraud detection only on some checkouts but not others.

(Kolok) #324

Just a guess maybe the merchant or stripe decide what level risk evaluation they will override depending on the product,

So for something like patreon where the you’ll not get anything in return then it’s unlikely someone is going to use stolen card, so then stripe will take it, but doesn’t explain intermittent issues with one merchant.

(Edward) #325

That’s certainly possible (the merchant could be switching their risk settings themselves, or Stripe could fiddle with it too).

It’s doubly frustrating to try and diagnose as Stripe do not consider people paying through their services as ‘customers’, only merchants integrating their service. Trying to contact their support you basically just get told to ‘go &^£$ your hat’ (or a complete bare-faced lie like “your bank is rejecting the charge”) requiring you to go pester the merchant.

(Kolok) #326

Yeah, maybe Monzo can speak to them,
Interesting that they just flag a whole city , must be Liverpool (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), were you buying something like laptops or Storage drives that are often purchased when someone has nicked your details?

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