Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

(Allie) #266

I think some of this goes beyond acceptance but remember if you shop from them in any way you’re buying from a criminal enterprise. If they’re ignore one law, why would you trust they follow food standards laws? Labour laws? Etc. These are criminal enterprises.

But on topic, I consider it one of the more insidious forms of non-acceptance. Others are things like ‘sorry we don’t allow Google Pay’ and ‘sorry we don’t allow Monzo’. Technically they all take cards, but in reality they’re violating at the least civil law (their merchant agreements), with fees they’re actually criminals, and in all these situations there is de facto non-acceptance. And this is more common than outright no.


HSBC has both.

My NatWest only had sort code before I closed it a few years ago.

(Jonathon) #268

I mean… I think I would say that me saying “No problem, I’ll cover the 2.5% you’re charged myself” is not quite the same as me saying “Don’t worry about cooking my meat right” and actually I don’t think any trader adding a fee to use credit cards (or minimum payments etc) should be immediately labelled criminals and put into the same category as some of those that you just gave.

Like I said, purely personal to me. I was previously happy to cover the extra costs for small traders, and would still today.

(Steve) #269

She didn’t even look at the card though, just saw the coral and immediately said No

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #270

Fair enough, but if there was a sort code and account number on the card, you’d be able to show that it’s a bank account debit card, not a prepaid card.

You could also show them the app, but not everyone’s going to be comfortable with that.

(Allie) #271

Definitely a personal view. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a case of ‘if you have a criminal mindset, why should I trust anything you do?’.

Does that make a true acceptance issue? Perhaps not to some but if the effect is me walking off because of how they handle card payments, it’s in the same general category to me.

(Ryan Wibberley) #272

Still not able to add my Monzo card to facebook messenger payments.

Anyone else managed to do this? Facebook were VERY unhelpful… Monzo have said they are progressing the case.

(Gareth) #273

I haven’t used it personally but I’m pretty sure I saw someone mention that it can be added in your Facebook account settings under payments and can then be used on messenger but cannot be added to messenger. I may be wrong but worth a go!

Maybe Monzo are having the same issues getting hold of Facebook as you :thinking:

(Jonathon) #274

Boy you will be surprised if you ever meet an actual criminal mastermind! Charging a small fee for card payments will seem tiny in comparison.

Like I have said, consistently, I do not mind this concept, but I know it is no longer allowed.

(Daniel Knight) #275

Northern Rails season ticket renewal site doesn’t seem to accept Monzo. I think it expects a start date so I got a error message when trying to renew.

(Sam H) #276

I had a similar problem with Hargreaves Lansdown - they needed a start date or an issue number. If you contact Monzo they can provide you with the start date.

(Is Santa here yet?) #277

3 years before the expiry date isn’t it?

(Tony Hoyle) #278

Criminal might be overstating it, but yes anyone who approaches things with ‘how can I get around this rule/law’ in one area is going to be doing it in others. I see that and don’t want to do business with them.

At the other end of the scale I see businesses that will do things for you even though there is no law making them. Those I spend more money with.


I’ve tried to pay here a few times and the payment has always been declined.

(Ryan Kirk) #280

Still can’t set direct debits up for Very/Littlewoods :grimacing:

(Calum James) #281

I’m not sure of the best place to report this: My Monzo card wouldn’t work in Amsterdam Centraal Station toilets.

I was thrilled when I saw they accepted card payments because I don’t use cash and I was desperate for the toilet, but the card wouldn’t work no matter how much I tried it (and two different days).

I couldn’t convince the toilet attendant on the first day to let me in anyway, considering it’s the station’s fault, but fortunately a passerby gave me the cash for it :smile: On the second day I managed to convince the toilet attendant to let me in anyway.

I can’t find a Twitter handle for the station, so hopefully someone at Monzo can sort it. This was the only place I couldn’t use my card in Amsterdam. I could even use it for the toilets in a department store.

(Allie) #283

Ah, the Netherlands, land of pay toilets everywhere. Starbucks is free with a purchase and thus I went there a lot!

(Andy) #284

I got mine added via CASS so their backend does accept it, just seems to be a problem on their frontend checks they are unwilling to fix!


This is one of the best use cases for a partial switch. Which I’m still sad to see go. :frowning:


I found my Monzo card reliably crashed the toilet turnstiles in both Belgian and Dutch motorway service stations, so I’m not hugely surprised