What do i need to know using Monzo

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I hope somebody can help me and perhaps put my mind to rest (and perhaps any other new users minds?) I’ve read a few posts about Monzo not being accepted by some Merchants. What is the reason behind this? I really don’t want to have my card declined for some or other reason when I have money in my account. Some reasons seem to have something to do with online preferred card machines?

Basically what is different about Monzo compared to one of your big high street banks?



For the conversation about what Monzo does differently I’d recommend having a look over on this thread …


For the merchant questions, it’s more related to the prepaid card days … Monzo will get accepted anywhere that takes MasterCard (pretty much every card taking retailer!) Would be more of a challenge to find one that declines :slight_smile:


Agreed - I have never had any acceptance issues.


Been using monzo for two months, i spend every day and never been declined

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Never had any issues myself in the UK.

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I’ve had two occasions in separate locations where my Monzo card hasn’t worked.

Considering I’m a very light user, it’s enough to put me off using Monzo as my main account.

Where? Was this definitely due to merchant acceptance, and was it prepaid or current account?

Both times were recently (as in the last 2 months), so current account.

I don’t know the reason my card didn’t work (I do know that the card works). Both times were reported in app, but I haven’t been back to check if there’s been any update.

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You can’t use it to withdraw or pay in cash at a Post Office, ATM’s are fine

I wonder why? What makes a post office any different?

I beilive they only banks who have an agreement with them to use their withdrawal and deposit options.

Maybe if they become the way cash deposits work with Monzo it will then become something we can use.

Has cash deposits with Monzo not been sorted just yet? I haven’t closed my old account just yet as I have cash I need to deposit.

Not yet… it’s in the works though over the next few months. The process can be slow getting the agreements in place as it involves dealing with third parties.

Do you know if it would cost us anything to deposit?

As of yet no, but if there were a fee Monzo wouldn’t look to profit from it.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know you could withdrawl money from the Post Office… They’re usually shut when I’m free anyway :joy:

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