Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

(Andy) #184

It’s just called the mastercard hologram it’s one of the security features


To answer your question all debit cards carry it. There are brand specific versions, depending on if your card is Mastercard or Visa.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #186

Good news. Hopefully easyJet staff will get the message soon.

And welcome back!


Welcome back, @HughWells - hope you had a great break! (Did you fly EasyJet? :wink:)

(Adam Kendrew) #188

Thanks! I’ll have another look for the vector :raised_hands:t2:

(Jack) #189

Is there any update on FB messenger payments accepting Monzo? Always comes up saying card not supported.

(Andy) #190

Same here but I can only assume it’s a Facebook issue. I’ve complained to them several times but to no avail :frowning:

(Jack) #191

I have no doubt it’s sillt Facebook. Just went to use it that’s all :-1:t3:

(benjaminlbowles) #192

I can confirm this is the case, flew LGW -> MPL on Sunday evening, bought £5 worth of drinks - paid with Monzo chip & pin offline.

Now Tuesday, stil hasn’t shown up on my app yet though - I assume normal for offline transactions…

(Jack) #193

They can take a few days to appear :slight_smile:

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I’ve had easyJet transactions turn up next day to about 3 days in the past. There was one exception; I made a purchase in the spring which hasn’t appeared yet.

(Jack) #195

Are you the sole reason they didn’t take Monzo :wink:

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Could be. It was only £2, the hey could’ve bought an extra bright orange headrest cover :wink:

(Richard Bairwell) #197

Having built a couple of ecommerce sites there’s a few reasons:

  • It makes it clear ‘up front’ which types of card you accept (nothing more irritating that being asked ‘Card number’, entering in my Amex details and all the delivery and only then being told ‘Oh, we don’t support your card type - re-enter all those details again!’)
  • Helps with UX formatting (different card types - again mainly Amex in the UK - have different ‘number groupings’, lengths and position of the “CVV” code: Amex normally on the front)
  • Allows more instant verification (“oh, you’ve said it’s an Visa card but the number starts with a 5 meaning it’s Mastercard - have you made a mistake already?”)
  • Some more ‘exotic’ cards (China UnionPay and Diners Club enRoute) don’t actually support Luhn verification and so you may want to disable that on the front end validation when they select the card type.
  • Finally, if the merchant has different backend processors for each card type, allowing the user to select means you don’t have to bother maintaining the BIN tables.

But, yes, technology wise (apart from updating the BIN tables), there’s no real reason to force a user to select a card type.

(Louis Otto) #199

Our local post office still won’t accept it because it’s a ‘mastercard’ and they don’t ‘support credit cards’ which is really damn annoying. It’s a debit card! Is this something Monzo should contact them about?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #200

Have you not shown them on the card that it says debit?

(Louis Otto) #201

Of course my horse

To be fair the guy even said, “OK, try it” but as soon as I put the card in the machine it declined.

The most ironic thing is I had to go to their ATM just outside, withdraw a tenner and then pay in cash. It really boggles the mind.


I’ve paid with credit cards in the post office before…


I have too @Liam_W used my MBNA credit card to pay at post office.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #204

Was it at the Post Office counter, or a shop counter in a Post Office?