Fix Monzo Google Pay/Apple Pay Acceptance Issues

The below are persistent monzo via Google pay/apple pay acceptance issues I’m aware of and Monzo have confirmed they are aware of. I imagine there are more but it’s not high on their list of things to investigate and fix. Let’s change that :slight_smile:

  • arriva buses (outside of tfl)
  • first buses (outside of tfl)
  • go North West buses
  • horizon car parking meters

Have they said that?

How low is “not high.”

Yep they told me in in app chat that they were aware but not currently investigating as resources were elsewhere prioritised

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Good luck with changing their priorities, then :+1:

For what it’s worth at this stage, the link between all of these is that their terminals all authorise offline. :eyes:


Is that something that can be fixed?

Also I used Google pay on go north west , it pre authed 50p straight away then took the full amount later

Was that with a monzo card. Interesting! I assumed it was always blocked. So seems either be an intermittent issue or only applies to certain cards?

Yes my monzo card, could be it was a new machine that is online.

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These are the new Sainsbury’s ones right? I use my Monzo card via Android Pay and it works just fine :man_shrugging:t5: they won’t take my Amex though.

The ones that always fail for me are in Sainsbury’s (in Sale, Manchester) yeah. I’m now really confused why this isn’t an issue for everyone but is a big enough issue that support are aware and it’s on a list!

I wonder whether they’re different systems/terminals?

The ones I’ve used are the brand new ones installed within the last 3 or 4 months at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon and Wandsworth. They use an ANPR system and print you a voucher that you can redeem at the checkout.

These ones in sale are older and don’t use anpr. They’re traditional pay and display in your windscreen tickets.

Out of interest…how do you know Google pay works on the car park payment machines if you redeem at the checkout in store?

Ah got it, sounds like this is simply down to Horizon not updating the software on their old machines then because they clearly can support Monzo via Google Pay on their newer machines.

So with these ones you pay the £1.50 fee at the machine when you arrive and then it prints you a little coupon that you use at the checkout if you spend more than £5 to claim the £1.50 off your shopping.

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Yeah but seems like a very specific issue. Google pay works fine with my Halifax MasterCard…but not my Monzo MasterCard…but the physical monzo MasterCard works fine! And monzo via Google pay works fine everywhere else!