Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

(Louis Otto) #205

It was the post office counter, specifically to pay for postage - annoyingly, I had to buy a postage bag to send it off in. I could pay by credit card for that (even though I couldn’t because I was below the threshold) but I couldn’t pay for the postage with the monzo card…

(Wasn't me.) #206

They are fussy. A friend had a Visa debit card from a high street bank many years ago which was declined, because they didn’t accept cards from that bank (they do now). I’ve never known one to refuse a card because it’s a credit card, though.

(Farmer Dave) #208

Easyjet are now onboard, they starting taking them on Thursday (the day we flew) - I was pretty surprised they couldn’t take them before!

(Excited about Christmas) #209

I see what you did there :rofl:

(Wasn't me.) #210

They could, and did. Just not consistently. I’ve paid with Monzo two or three times on easyJet flights. Poor internal communications, I guess.


Pegasus won’t accept any debit cards for inflight purchases. Only cash or credit cards. It’s the first time I’ve heard about a restriction like that. It means they don’t accept Monzo cards but they do accept Mastercard credit cards. Is that allowed?

(Tony Hoyle) #212

If they don’t accept debit cards it’s at least consistent. Never heard of anyone doing that before though… why does the merchant even care?

(Andy) #213

@urban just popped your post in to this thread for visibility


Thanks Andy

(Andy) #215

I have taken a look at the mastercard acceptance rules but can’t see anything that definitively calls out rules around being able to only accept credit cards. Various merchants do have this though (costco only accepts debit cards etc) so the rules likely exist somewhere!

(Emily Jones) #216

As of today, I’ve been able to use my Monzo card at my local leisure centre. First time since I’ve had my card (18 months?). :tada::tada::tada:

(jamesbrierley) #217

@simonb - could you give an update on ATM’S? The you may get charged by your issuer is super annoying.

Would be great to know why this happens, and what needs to take place to encourage these ATM’s to get rid of this message.

(Jack) #218

@jamesbrierley See below :slight_smile:


Not fixed at my nearest ATM yet

(Simon B) #220

As above! If not fixed in a couple of weeks, let me know and we can rant to Mastercard about it :wink:

(Emily Jones) #221

As of today, I’ve been able to use my Monzo card at my local leisure centre. First time since I’ve had my card (18 months?).

Spoke too soon :worried: Didn’t accept it yesterday.

(gary) #222

Hi @Clee, the error in the “One minute guide” pointed out by Michael still exists. I saw it when I downloaded the PDF today, from a link in this article;

(Steve) #223

I just gotten off a British Airways flight where the attendant refused my Monzo card point-blank “because it’s a prepay card”. I of course explained that it’s not but she still refused to even try it

I see from the rest of this thread that Easyjet has been an issue, but can’t find mention of BA on these forums, anyone have any experience? I’m tempted to complain directly to them

(Andre Borie) #224

Can’t believe monkeys still think they are somehow in a better position to evaluate risk and whether to accept a card. It’s the terminal’s job; why should you care if it’s a prepaid? Try it anyway - if prepaid cards were really disallowed then the terminal will reject it.

I guess it’s people who have an awful job with no real responsibilities or authority over anything and want to get a kick out of asserting “authority” on passengers because that’s the only time they can actually feel important.

(Jun Siang Cheah) #225

I can’t add my Monzo card on the Messenger app, but I can do it via