"Users Who Criticise Monzo Get Shouted Down Here"

Thank you, though I’m not sure I’d give myself that honour. I know at least one person I let down, and I do feel sorry for that. It’s easy to get passionate when a product is both so great (in my opinion) and so interesting philosophically - and not take the fact every other opinion is also a person into account. Nobody on here has been universally positive or made everyone happy, because that’s just not possible. I honestly try, and I’d hope almost everyone else on here does as well.

Separating ideas from people is hard, especially in writing. Portraying tone and intent even harder, though emoji do help a lot :unicorn:

Hi Tom’s Uncle! I think this is very true, we need to be careful not to see disagreement as necessarily ‘shouting down’ or ‘negative’. There’s things we might strongly disagree on, but those are tangential to our basic oneness as humanity. It is, after all, just a bank :slight_smile: One with a strong sense of community building a product that I, personally, really love at this point.

Perfect? Heck, no - I want my day-glow pink glitter unicorn :unicorn: card with transparent sections so I can see the contactless antenna and unembossed with printing in metallic pink :slight_smile: But it’s a very strong product that has done a lot of things right for a lot of people (not demanding gender or gendered titles is actually the strongest selling point for me!). But, for me, Monzo is more than the sum of its parts. It’s early days yet, and we’ll see, but I have high hopes!

Life’s an adventure, and this is an awesome product, let’s enjoy it together and try and take everyone’s opinion into account - and respect every person no matter how strongly we disagree with their wants and opinions (related to banking, there are definitely opinions that cause me to lose respect for a person - but they aren’t things like card colour and ATM fees!).


Blimey, where did that come from :flushed:?

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That’s the TL;DR because all the negative views were dismissed and not really considered or given fair discussion, so who is going to bother replying when you just keep ignoring them and telling them that they’re wrong?

Is that what you think’s happened in this that thread?

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Certainly seems like that happened with my comment, which is why I didn’t bother responding any further. I can’t imagine that I’m the only person who feels that way.

Which comment was that?


Got it, my comment hasn’t changed. As I said, you’re welcome to point out anything that you don’t understand from my post. I’m inviting you to take part in the discussion, not trying to shut it down? But I’d only be repeating myself if I responded to what you said.

But if you’re not going to reply, why complain that you still want to discuss this? :grimacing:

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Just thought I’d mention that this discussion illustrates that point brilliantly -

No one managed to drown out the user whose posts provoked most of the discussion (I don’t believe that, that was the intent) & their ideas were simply debated instead.