A case for an iPad app or web-based login?

Also it is possible to do via the API, for anyone who might be interested:

curl -X PUT "https://api.monzo.com/user-settings" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer [TOKEN]" \
     -d biometric_privacy=false

Or via the developer playground:

PUT /user-settings

  "biometric_privacy": false

You will most likely need to force-quit and reopen the app for this to take effect.


Did the cancel and re-login not work? Genuinely curious, as Jamie reported it working, so would like to know for future reference.

I am not complaining, I am highlighting an issue that I’ve had.

Thanks for your suggestion, it does make me wonder why nobody suggested it beforehand.

Fair enough, but I would say the same about your interpretation that I’m trying to “shout you down”. :wink:

Very nice to know - cheers for that!

This place feels a lot more unfriendly than it did in August last year.

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There is a post about user’s shouting other users down, the TL;DR for that post is that it’s impossible for other users to shout you down so let’s get back to the discussion :slight_smile:

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Don’t mean to provoke or anything, but wouldn’t uninstalling & reinstalling the app be much quicker than writing several forum posts about the problem?

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I tried this again and have managed to get back into the app in order to upgrade the account. Thanks for your help.


Just curious, where did you find that option? I see nothing related to it in the API docs.

Do you know any more of these hidden options? I’m curious. :wink:

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I don’t know but I am sure AlexS will suggest the Developer’s Stack for an answer

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I maintain a long list of public-but-undocumented APIs which are found primarily by extracting from the Android app’s code (Java can be decompiled very easily).

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Any way I can get my hands on that list?

You can find it on GitHub

Hey Devs… Please avoid using our undocumented API endpoints… Very soon i’ll be adding V2 checks to all the parts of the API that aren’t explicitly documented as “developer API”…

If you want to know what’s coming for the public API, come along or watch the Open Office on Jan 30th.


Any idea when more tickets will be released?

+1 for iPad app! as when am at home am more likely to have my iPad at hand!

We’re at our limit for Tuesday’s Open Office right now, I’m afraid. We’ve got a full house! :house:

Hopefully you can make it along to another event in future.

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