Moderation on the Diversity Blog Post thread

Just thought I’d mention that this discussion illustrates that point brilliantly -


Yes that’s right. The thread was locked. The thread the previous year had the same views from a lot of the same protagonists (although staff didn’t contribute as much) and it is still open.

So you think that discussion at that point was productive and doing anyone any good?


Who knows? What we do know is that 1 person unilaterally decided to stop the conversation. Last year it was less heated and it was added to over a period of time. Although that thread was locked temporarily the reason was given, flagging sorted out and usefully reopened.

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The thread being locked was a moderation decision, which is not what this topic is about.

If you disagree with that decision please DM the person who made it.

I did post the reason for locking the thread, however I am always happy (as are all the staff) to discuss why we make these decisions and if we have made a mistake, we are more than happy to fix it.

In this particular case, I felt it wasn’t very helpful to keep going round in circles - there had been some really good points but ultimately no one is ever going to see eye to eye on everything.


That’s the point that I am disagreeing with if the thread is locked. That is what your topic is about.

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Ok you’ve missed the point. Obviously you can’t reply if the topic’s been locked. But the issue that users complain about when they say they’re being shouted down is that lots of users are replying to try to drown out their comments. That clearly didn’t happen in the topic I was referring to.

If the team decides to lock a topic, they’re not doing that to enable a user to be shouted down either..


We are obviously talking about different threads. I saw a lot of users queueing up like hyenas around a wildebeest to continually state their views. To be fair in the end when the wildebeest refused to die those users did retire.

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Great so we agree that they weren’t shouted down :slight_smile:


On this occasion the wildebeest survived the hyena attack but unfortunately succumbed to the euthanasia administered by the game keeper.


You sure that it wasn’t 99% of people totally disagreed and were trying to explain that the persons repeated assertion of a factual inaccuracy was untrue? That’s not shouting down, that’s debating. People left when it proved pointless to continue to explain the same thing for the hundredth time


I’ve split this into a new thread as it was going a bit off topic :+1:

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@anon81274823 still has a valid point. It can’t be said people are not shouted down or stopped from talking about things when Monzo go about and stop people talking about it when Monzo have had enough of it. The best way would have been to state a final position and then leave the other person to embarrass themselves or implement the moderation rules if community guidelines have been broken.

Similar things have happened in the past when talking about the payment platform for a certain fruit named company. Its all about consistency. Fair enough if Monzo want to moderate negative discussions - its their right - but then the claims that open debate is allowed can’t be advertised.

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It can because that’s a different thing.

When it comes to this though -

The user was given (literally) hundreds of opportunities to make their point. And as Hugh said -

I probably should mention that the Apple Pay situation was slightly different as the discussion was complete speculation which Monzo was unable to address.

Edit - to add link to ‘shouted down’ topic & replace my comment with team’s (which my comment was only repeating).

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I think that healthy debate is a good thing and that thread is actually a fairly good example of that. I remember debate class at school and it’s disappointing that in most media we don’t have that level of discussion, instead it tends to be group think and confirmation bias. That leaves a knowledge gap which is filled by propaganda from lobbyists on both sides.

It would be sad if discussion and debate was muted in the interests of suppressing dissent and disagreement.


Would you please delete my forum account.


Please DM @cookywook about that.

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@anon40779440 certainly had the opportunity to air his views and he took the opportunity with gusto. The issues and viewpoints raised were well tested and I’m pleased to see it was not him against the rest.

Well played posters, nobody should feel short-changed after that…:grinning:

I appreciated the chance to debate a topical subject I care about in light on Monzo’s policy on it.

To those who responded respectfully (without mockery / animated gifs etc), thank you for the interesting discussion. Feeling a little jaded today though, as the debate raged till 3am :flushed:

It was probably right for the mod to close the topic, as it was getting circular.