Moderation on the Community

(Sean) #1

I really appreciate having the community it really allows me as a customer to feel like I know what’s going on with my main bank and feeling like I can give feedback that’s actually listened to.

Lately I’ve taken to spending less and less time on here though (probably a good thing in some ways) and I’ve come to realise that this is in part due to a small number of users that seem to derail or at least create tangents on a lot of the most popular threads. I’m all for everyone having and sharing their own opinion whether that is pro-Monzo or otherwise but when it starts to repeatedly interrupt the flow of real discussions it’s quite jarring.

I guess the question/topic here is: do others feel the same way? If so is there anything more that can be done from a moderation perspective? (this isn’t a knock at the community staff or the CC by the way; I think it’s a difficult line to establish)

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I think its a very difficult job to do , once somebody replies to a question unless it solely deals with the previous statement one then goes of on a partial tangent to part of the original point picking up another point in the original question, the next reply answers that particular point and before you know it you’re discussing the seventh point mentioned which has nothing to do with the original - do the mods start deleting posts for not being on subject to the claims of over moderation ??? difficult task

(Sean) #3

Agreed and normally I’d be the first to vote for the lightest touch moderation possible. Still a few people seem to have made it their task to disrupt as much as they can. :slightly_frowning_face:


I think it’s a really hard job to moderate a forum of this size.

The only thing I’d like to see more of is users being banned for consistent rule breaking/trolling - Even if they are fundamentally “pro Monzo”.

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as with life I think we all get pulled into a discussion , some , myself included sometimes shoot from the hip - wrongly I agree, but in the "heat’ of discussion it happens - is it the mods job to police the forum 24/7 ? probably should be , but in fact doesn’t / can’t really happen, should posters be banned , hmmm for repeatedly doing it yes for odd transgressions , not so sure

(Eve) #6

Agree, there seems to be a lot of people coming on lately- some don’t even use Monzo!- to troll and derail threads. It is really off-putting. Unfortunately if we were to flag everything that was off-topic I think we’d have to split out or stop too many discussions and threads, and I’m sure people would start saying staff/ CC is moderating too heavily.

If the discussion goes off tangent, we usually only split it out when it gets long enough to warrant a new thread and continue the discussion.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #7

When you say moderators do you mean Monzo staff or Coral Crew? If it’s the latter there are 256 people with this role yet I’ve only ever seen a handful of them. Are they ever reviewed?

(Eve) #8

There are 9 members in the Coral Crew, not sure where the 256 figure is from. Perhaps you’re looking at the lv 4 badge instead? That includes members of staff.

You can view Yen’s post here from the last CC update- there is a review cycle every two months, so we’re just about due for one soon.

(Tom ) #9

There are only a few Coral Crew (I think 9 of us?) and the rest are staff. It should probably be split out to make it more obvious.

@swok1080 Do you have any ideas to keep things tidier round these parts? Do you have any examples where you feel we, or staff, could have done more?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #10

Just close the forum like Starling did. :upside_down_face:


The number of new sign ups for various slightly random reasons have been crazy of late.

Also agree regarding the non Monzo users - Although if they are commenting on non Monzo topics then it’s fair enough (considering how many topics the Monzo forum covers).

Oh, I definitely mean repeat offenders - The odd thing here or there barely even registers for most people.

I actually think the CC do a decent job - I don’t really associate “moderation with Coral Crew” - The only moderators here are the Monzo staff.

It’s impossible to stop topics drifting from the specific point at times, and most of the time it’s fine.

But I do think Monzo should be a little more ruthless with some issues.

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the trouble with Monzo being "ruthless’ it would then be Monzo shuts down all criticism wouldn’t it ? :slight_smile: difficult middle way - I don’t have the answer , but it seems pretty OK moderation to me , not too harsh not to soft


Sorry, I mean ruthless with users who are repeat offenders - I don’t think they should shut down personal opinions (pro or against).

(Sean) #14

In generally I’m happy with the moderation (both CC and Monzo staff) and I certainly wouldn’t want to see conversations stifled. I’d concur with @nickh that there are some repeat offenders that I’m just sick of hearing from as their posts generally don’t tend to add to the conversation. I’d be keen to see those people seeing some sort of temporary posting ban.

I don’t want to give examples as they would really point to a few repeat offenders and that’s not my place.


While it wouldn’t really be right to give examples publicly, please do feel free to message staff if there’s anyone who you think is overstepping the mark.


A more general question as I’m still the newbie as far as the Coral Crew goes: is there anything you’d like to see us do more or less of?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #17

I wonder how many times a day I get reported and how people have blocked/muted me :joy:

Not that I’m bothered or gonna change coz well I’m lolz init :sunglasses:


What an intellectual idea :thinking: :joy:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #19

It is that’s why I said it.

People constantly complaining so may as well.

(Jack) #20

Good point to highlight!
Monzo staff are the only moderators here.
As the CC our primary role is to keep the forum tidy, spark conversation and welcome new users.