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I’m open to suggestions on the title for this topic. I’m not sure how we ended up here tbh.

I’ve moved these posts here from the below post, after it went off topic -

Are the other challengers Monzo’s competition?

My opinion is that for the best and most inclusive discussion it’s important that all parties involved are able to accept the opinions of others even when they don’t agree and conversely have a good grounding that their opinions aren’t necessarily facts just because they are their own :slightly_smiling_face:

I am personally posting here less due to an increasing number of topics being less than awesome in this way :frowning:


I agree, but unfortunately when some users hold an opinion at odds with others they are often not only attacked by other more vocal users but often belittled or ridiculed by comments from Leaders* or if they are a new user they have their well meaning contribution stifled by shifting it off to another thread.

*just to clarify I am not saying that is happening in this thread per se nor accusing you personally of doing so, it is just a general observation


There are definitely some very passionate leaders on here who can be a bit intense in discussion but I genuinely think it’s as benign as that. Now granted that can still be an issue though as it doesn’t necessarily come across that way :thinking:


I think it’s down to the tone you’ve decided it was written in.

At the end of the day if you don’t like the tone you believe someone is using then don’t reply to them. Stops any bad feeling instantly


Fair enough. I’m not questioning the opinion (or your or anyone else’s right to hold it) I think it was the assertion that Monzo ‘ought to be worried’ that triggered this particular chain of thought in me, however.

In reality, if the proportion of the customer base who think in a specific way is significant, then sure, worry may be appropriate but I don’t think any of us are equipped to know how many like minded people there are on any specific topic. Equally, Monzo are entitled to their own opinion since they are the ones with money and reputation at risk. They have no need to be swayed by the reactions of us as individual users if they don’t want to be

The one thing that has become clear over the last couple of years here is that these guys (Monzo) have a very clear image of what they want to achieve and this idea is not easily altered by anyone else’s opinion, regardless of how persuasive (or abrasive) they may be. In light of that, any talk of ‘holding them to account’ for this that and the other comes across as no more than bravado (at best) since the reality is that they simply aren’t accountable to us. Ignoring social media rants, the worst any individual one of us can do is to close our accounts. That is the only ‘vote’ we’re actually entitled to by right.

Which gets me back to my last post where I’m happy to live with Monzo’s assessment of their own competition. When I reach that point of disagreement, I will take my business elsewhere. Hopefully this explains some of my personal philosophy as background to my opinion though.


:popcorn: at the ready



You forgot to mention the part where you flag posts that you find disagreeable. The real mood booster.

Is it saddening that I commented :popcorn: at the ready?
All it meant was that i interpreted @anon44204028 comment as throwing a potential :wrench: in the works and I was just watching to gauge the response. It turns out the response was rather measured which I think is good.

I sense some e-beef, where da beef at?


No accompanying gif? You’re getting sloppy :eyes:


there is one there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It wasn’t there before :eyes:

^ any staff coming on to the forum today


This really shouldn’t be happening. If you see threads where this is happening, please report them to us and we’ll look into it. We want everyone to feel welcome to share their opinions here (as long as it stays within the terms of our Code of Conduct, of course!)