URGENT - sent wrong bank transfer

I need to get the money back I’ve sent incorrectly on a bank transfer!!! Please help :sob: I’ve tried calling but it just hangs up saying they are busy!

Nobody on here can help with this as we’re all just customers like you.

All you can do is keep trying on the phone and use in app chat too. Hope you get it sorted soon.


Unless you sent it to an account that doesn’t exist or the person you sent it to chooses to give it back, that money is gone.

I hope it wasn’t a lot!


If Monzo can’t help with this, then there was a post a while back on here where someone did the same.

What they did was send 1p to the same account and added their phone number to the transfer reference asking them to call. They were lucky that they accidentally sent their money to a good samaritan who returned their call, so they could exchange bank details and they got their money back.

Worth a shot as a last resort :man_shrugging:


It’s a bit of a crazy system really. You would have thought they would have some safety mechanisms in place where it goes into a holding account temporarily in case of a situation like this.

There’s new mechanics that make sure things match and makes you confirm you’re sending to the right person.

I don’t think they have been introduced yet though for monzo? Plus it’s been like 15 years since they brought faster payments in and they’ve only just added that functionality. Madness :man_facepalming:

Did CoP not match the name/details of the recipient?

In any case I hope you get it back

I haven’t tried it to anyone new lately but there’s been various threads on here about it. It’s not just a Monzo thing, there’s new rules around it.

Fair enough. I did one about 15mins ago and nothing came up for me. Just a new selection that said business or personal. I guess it may not have been rolled out fully yet or something?

I think if it matches then you don’t get the warning but I’m not sure.


I always send £1 first to a new payee to make sure it’s correct before sending more.

Confirmation of payee which is in the process of rolling out will be a big big help.

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That’s part of it. If the name was a match I think that’s all you see.

Correct, I don’t get anything when transferring to my Starling account, just the personal or business account section. I’ll have to try a transfer to it with the name on differently

Edit - I tried to send to my account using a different name and it then threw up the warning screen

Interesting I paid someone new, but I confess I didn’t deliberately try to enter the name wrong. That’s good to know though thanks

This while I like some of the newer banks give you the option to share the details, the other option is (and if it’s possible) is to cut and paste the details in.

They could do more and I mean all banks, to avoid this by adding some dots or something between each group of numbers in an account number. If you have problems with numbers it can be a real headache sometimes.

Same here, I always send £1 first to ensure everything is correct

Not all banks are doing it yet, so if the bank you’re sending it to haven’t onboarded with us or aren’t supporting it themselves then it won’t show you it!


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That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying Dan