Issues sending money

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Has anyone else using monzo just had really really shocking customer service and money practically going missing! I sent funds twice from the bank elsewhere and the companies or persons don’t receive it then monzo say it’s nothing to do with them and can’t seem to get the funds back. Would definitely not recommend and I’d be very sceptical using a bank like this.

Absolutely shocking banking?
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Nobody has reported this on here to my knowledge and that’s in over a year…

You’re best asking in app chat about it though - nobody on here can help unfortunately :slight_smile:

Are you sure that you’ve entered the correct transfer details and not made a typo. Have you verified the details with the person you’re trying to send to as well?

Absolutely shocking banking?

I’ve never experienced poor customer service from Monzo personally, just the odd delay during peak hours.


I’ve not had any monies go missing from Monzo but I always do a 1p test to make sure the payee is correct. Always had good customer service.

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I’ve always had really good customer service via the app chat. Not always had the answer i wanted, but always been good staff who are polite and always follow up if they don’t have an answer right away.

Also, never had money go missing :man_shrugging:

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Without more specifics it’s hard to say whether you’ve been really unlucky, or made a simple mistake (the 1p check idea already mentioned is a good one).

Personally I’ve not had any issues at all like this, nor have I read about or seen anyone else have this (Facebook group, twitter mentions, friends with Monzo nor here on this forum).

What did the Monzo people you contacted say? Did you email, phone, or in-app chat??

Hope you get sorted, they’ve been very helpful whenever I’ve chatted to them.

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(James Blackwell) #7

I move money between my monzo account and other accounts all the time and have never had an issue i also pay people ysi g it with no issues at all

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Hey there! For your issue, you’re best off checking with in-app chat, as that’s the best way for us to be able to help.

Would you be able to send us an in-app message with more info? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I always do the 1p test even if the person is sat right next to me :joy:

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I never have 1p on me these days for that, who uses cash? Do you just slide the coin across the table?? :wink:

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I now carry 1p on me all the time coz


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And cuz it’s y0 cake day too? :metal: :partying_face:

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Oh yeah just noticed that, wonder how many that is now :joy_cat:

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