Money lost - URGENT

Hi, I sent my friend £2497 and she was supposed to transfer it to my other bank account with hsbc. But for some reason her bank has suspended her account and she is currently appealing it. But my money is still stuck in her account because they blocked the transaction and deactivated her account when she tried to send me my money. Can I dispute this payment from Monzo’s side and get my money back that way? It was all the money I had and I have no other money to survive on. I only transferred it to her because I thought it would be a quick transfer like it normally is within minutes. But now that money is stuck there until her bank and she deal with it and I’m left completely broke.

Are you saying that your friends Monzo account is frozen?

If so, the money is frozen too so it cannot be moved until Monzo have completed their investigation as you likely triggered a fraud alert.

Only your friend can request more info, not you as it isn’t your account. Here isn’t the place either - in app chat or phone are your friends only options.

That doesn’t sound a suspicious way of transferring money at all


No my friend has a different bank, she’s using transferwise

I guess the same principle will apply. When accounts are frozen it’s because they suspect fraud - they wont release funds as that would impact their investigation.

Your friend needs to speak to her bank.

She’s speaking to them and she’s having that all cleared up, only reason I wanted to see if from Monzo’s side I could get it back quicker because it was all of the money I had

It’s highly unlikely as if they suspect it is stolen money (for example) they would be foolish to give it back to the criminal. Hopefully it’s all just a big misunderstanding though :crossed_fingers:

All you can do is ask. We’re just customers on here so you need to contact Monzo via phone or in app chat - the latter is best.


It was a quick and stupid thing I just didn’t really think about it

Okay thanks for the help, i’ll send them a message now


How can you say with such certainty that I’ve done fraud? I’ve done nothing of the sort. How is me sending my friend money considered fraud

sounds very unlikely that you or Monzo can do anything about it , you have willingly transferred the money to their account , Monzo has carried out your instructions , their account has then been blocked for whatever reason by their bank , you will have to wait for the outcome from their bank, good luck in getting it back


“Is that what a thousand years of the English judicial system comes down to? No smoke without fire?”

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Good luck with it but as already said, bank transfers run at your own risk so it’s not guaranteed that a bank could do anything even in normal circumstances.

I’ve closed this now because we’re getting into ‘unhelpful speculation’ territory which normally ends badly.