Have my work incorrect details

I gave my work bank details for monzo but put the last digit incorrect

Do monzo check the names on the account?

I’ve tried calling and chat but they seem to be very busy!

I am sure they do as I rang more than to change my dd over and gave an incorrect digit and they said the name wasn’t verified. I then corrected it and it was verified to go through.

Probably quicker to call your work, I’d have thought. If the money has been sent, it’ll likely be returned to them. If it hasn’t been sent, there might be time to change it.

The issue would have to be resolved by your work and their payment systems. I’m not sure Monzo can do much, other than return the money.

Which bit did you get wrong, the account number or sort code?

If the account number is wrong, then it may have gone though if that exists.

As long as you’re not being paid in the next few days just speak to your employer and they can change it. There’s nothing Monzo can do.

Yeah it’s already in process so can’t be stopped by work

Monzo just say it might be rejected and won’t tell me whether the account I incorrectly gave is an actual account or not

I’m basically left waiting to see if it bounces back to my work which can take up to 7 days or someone else gets credited the monies

Have to say the chat have been pretty unhelpful, I know it was my mistake but would have thought a bit more effort could have been made their side

Send the person 1p and see what happens.

Your work need to reclaim the money as you cannot contact Monzo about a third party (your work) depositing money in a third party account (the wrong account or no account). The money belongs to your work until it hits your account.

You workplace need to cancel the BACs transfer, wait to see it if bounces or contact their bank to request it back if deposited.

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