I need Help

Hi, I accidentally sent 200 pounds to a wrong account in my contacts. I have no way of contacting the person and would like to know how I can get the refund as soon as possible. I already have the monzo chat and I’m waiting for answers. thanks a lot

If you search the forum you’ll find some info.

Have you tried phoning Monzo?

Hi David, Welcome to the community.

Not sure if Monzo can help - a Misdirected payment can be reclaimed but this depends on the other bank co-operating. Trust me from personal experience, even if you purchase an item and do a direct payment and there turns out to be a problem like it does not arrive then you don’t get help then either (I don’t mean Monzo I mean in regards to consumer rights etc) . I can say the only way I know you would get this back is if the account details you sent to were no longer valid - in which case the payment bounces back the next day. But the problem there is that most people use the switching service which has 3 years of redirection on it so they would get the money anyway. That’s happened to me once - But I do have to ask a stupid question, If they are a stranger and you have no way to contact them, why are they in your contacts? More importantly why do you have their bank details!? If they gave them to you then you know who they are - maybe try social media or something?

Hi, thank you for your answer.
The account number is a contact on my address book. Unfortunately his phone number is no longer valid and I have no way to contact him even in social media. The mistake was mine because the person to whom I had to send the money has the same name.

So isn’t there a way to get the refund?

Hi, In the forum I was advised to contact the chat. In the monzo chat they asked me to provide the account number and sort code of the person to whom I want to send the money. Then I was asked to wait for a specialist to be contacted but I had no answer.
Do you advise me to call monzo?

you could perhaps send them another 1p with a message and appeal to their better nature ? if they were inclined - at the moment there is just £200 in their account that they don’t know where it came from or why it came to them


I don’t think is gonna work…

:point_up: this - send them 1p with a reference/message of ‘pls call [your number]’ or ‘pls refund to [your Monzo]sort code/account#’ (you may need to send several 1p’s for longer messages)


I tried to send 1p and ask for my money back but I don’t think it will work because I’m not sure the subject is still in possession of the monzo card

You’re making a big assumption, this is a simple, 1p way of sending a message.

If it’s a Monzo account then at least contacting Monzo means they are easily able to investigate. So long as you’ve messaged, it’s in their queue and they’ll get back to you as soon as they’re able.

So I just have to wait? Is there any guarantee that I can get a refund? Because I’m in a particular situation and I can’t afford to lose these 200 pounds…

No, bank transfers don’t have a recovery system really. Wait for the specialists as they are the right people to deal with it

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Indeed - someone did this when they found someone’s bank card - which had all the details on it -they sent a message saying I found your card and gave a number - and it was returned. nice suggestion well played.

Guys, I’m still waiting since this morning for an answer on the chat. What you suggest to do ?

Just thinking if it was me, I’d add in the 1p message that they can keep £10 of it for the trouble and hopefully prompt the speedy return of the rest of the money.

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I already tried but nothing happened. Probably this guy is no more in possession of the card and there’s no way to contact him even on mobile o social media… I really don’t know what to do.

This does take time to try and resolve. Why do you think he might have got rid of the card without closing the account?