Bank transfer from monzo to monzo

So i sent money to a monzo account from my monzo account is there anyway I can get that back?

Did you sent it to the wrong account by mistake?

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If i did can I get it back?

Best to contact chat support asap

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Unsure. There is a process in faster payments to claim money back where a genuine error has occurred and there is evidence of it however I don’t believe Monzo use FP for Monzo to Monzo payments. Get in touch with inapp chat to explain what’s happened and they can advise

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In app support will be able to try and recover the money so speak to them.

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How fast do in app support reply to you?

If it wasn’t a mistake but a scam could i still get my money back?

If you mark it as urgent you should get a reply within 10 minutes I’d say, often quicker.

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How do i mark it as urgent?

You should definitely mention if it was a scam. They can take suitable action.


Thank you

When you send the first message it will pop up asking if it’s urgent,

But to be honest once the money is sent there is no difference between 5 min and 2 hours for a reply.

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Do the in app support work 24 hrs a day?

Yes, they do.

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Monzo will have see processes in place to deal with this so send them all the info as urgent and make sure to keep evidence and have it ready for Monzo


Will i get automatically notified when I get messaged.

You will, it will pop up like a notification for spending.

Brilliant now I’ve gotta hope I dont sleep through it

Try and leave as much detail in the chat as to what happened and what needs to be done to fix so that they can take action asap.

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