Unlocking your own Monzo Pot 🔓

A surprising Friday night app update has landed in the Play Store :eyes:

I’ll go into more detail about the changelog here: https://community.monzo.com/t/monzo-for-android-beta-channel-changelog/10207?u=nexusmaniac

But for now, let’s discuss the most significant change :boom:

You can unlock you own locked pot within the app - no need to contact COps :open_mouth:


What do we think about this new change?

I’m most surprised about the fact that it’ll unlock and delete the pot :grimacing: Why is it challenging to just unlock the pot? That’s exactly what happens when the unlock date rolls around so why can’t a button just trigger that same behaviour? :slight_smile:

You can unlock a locked pot by tapping the (greyed out) withdraw button - you can’t go into the settings and delete the pot, it just tells you it’s locked until “date”


I had COps unlock a pot for me and it too was deleted… all you realistically do to unlock the pot is overwrite the unlock date with today-1. I almost feel like it is to make you question whether you really want to unlock the pot…

Wish they’d kept some friction :disappointed:


I completely agree with this :pray:

Monzo say it themselves in their blog post announcing the feature :disappointed:

By adding some extra friction, we hope you’ll find it easier to control your spending or save towards your goals.

If you still want to remove the money, you can chat to us in the app and we’ll help. But if you just want to try it out, please pick a short time frame so you can access your money again quickly!

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The question is what sort of friction should there be(how should it be implemented so its not wasting COps time) I have an idea… But I’m just curious what you think?

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Unlock it yourself but it takes 24 hours to release the funds back to your account


That’s good and easy to implement,why haven’t they implemented it :joy:

I’d go for a week but then people would be chasing COps for it again.

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I have serious spending impulse control issues. 24 hours would make a huge difference to me


I have to agree with @Rat_au_van, it makes locking pots pointless if you can easily unlock them.


Yeah I was thinking it had to be more complex… Yeah I totally agree there should be a lock… Even better it should a slider so you can pick the time period.
To add more it should be per locked Pot rather than a setting generally

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Yeah completely agree… needs to be a 24hr freeze on the release here otherwise what is the point in the lock if its so easy to remove :-1:


I also agree with @Rat_au_van; my unlock was because I got the unlock date wrong (it is for my car service) - and so the rigmarole of deleting, releasing funds, recreating pot, relocking pot and transferring savings to date back in really grinded on me.

Yeah maybe a rethink needed here

What’s the point in the lock if not?

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There is none if its like this

We’re exploring friction - I believe this is currently poised as an intermediary solution due to the inbound unlocking Pots was creating for COps :sweat_smile:


Any figures on how many requests there were? I’m nosey :woman_shrugging:


Not sure how many but 20% of locked pots are unlocked by COps.


Just found this

Last week Locked Pots accounted for 6.5% of our total inbound.


It does neuter the feature for the moment though :cry:

Yikes, quite a large impact. It also suggests the concept doesn’t work as well as expected or people wouldn’t be wanting to unlock.