Allow direct debits to be paid out of locked pots

dont think this will get much attention but worth mentioning i guess, every month i get paid i usually throw all the money into locked pots, however i also have direct debits like my phone bill that need to be paid out, spotify ext… and because i put all my money into locked pots, i keep having to ask monzo live chat to unlock the pots so i can make those payments.

i know you guys are probably thinking, why i dont leave a set amount in my bank to pay for bills, well because i usually end up spending it on food :smiley:

so i think it would be amazing to be able to pay direct debits from locked pots so i dont have to worry about it. hope you guys would really consider this as it could really benefit alot of people. thank you for reading


Hi Ali.

Locked pots are now unlockable by yourself :grin:

DD’s from pots is a well requested feature, and it’s “coming soon”, which could be months, but it’s being worked on as we speak.

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Then why lock them? :woman_facepalming:
Good news for you, because of the amount of people asking to unlock pots early they’ve removed the point and let you unlock them yourself in app. Committed spending pots are coming but won’t be from a locked pot, as the idea behind those is you don’t touch the money til a set date


It still baffles me that people use locked pots in this kind of way… :exploding_head:


As the others have said, not sure you understood the concept of the locked pots but hey Monzo have now sorted that for that minority.

Also when looking at the Summary page this calculates your account balance - your committed spend therefore you know how much you have left.

One thing that might really help, is to change all your DD’s to the start of the month.

Then you’ll know what money is left by the 2nd or 3rd day and won’t need to worry about being left short.

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well it shouldnt baffle you, i like to use pots that way and i dont see a problem with it. some people can control themselves with spending and well i love my food so… it helps me alot, every month i get to pretty much save all my money but bills is kind of a hassle, as i have to ask monzo to unlock my pots. truth is people are different and its really down to what helps you.

I also have little control over my spending, so I distribute out the money that I need for rent, credit card payments etc. into pots with an automatic withdrawal from the pots on the day that I need the funds for the appropriate payment.

But I don’t lock those pots because the locked pots are for longer term saving. Isn’t putting the money you shouldn’t spend into pots and then just using the account balance as your spendable amount enough?


lol dont think you understand it either, locked pots shouldn’t be easy to unlock yourself, otherwise whats really the point. i wont even bother looking for a way to unlock them myself because thats what ill end up doing when i just want to spend, i prefer to ask monzo in advance for when i know i need money to purchase something that way i have to wait for it to be unlocked rather than unlocking it instantly myself.

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You don’t ask now, just withdraw the cash as you would any other pot. It was causing huge problems with the amount of people asking so they’ve moved the unlocking to the customer

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well you can control your spending, i just like the easy way, throw it all into a pot and only pay for essentials when i need to. i dont really care about the concept behind it, ive made my own concept out of it. and its helping me ALOT

I can’t control my spending which is why locked pots were so great. No way I’d contact COps and waste their time just to unlock a pot. If I possibly needed access before then I would have just done 1 week lock


It sounds like what you want/need is the committed spending pot - which has been thrown around a million and one times before :wink:


well im still going to ask :slight_smile: i dont update the app anymore either. so i dont have these new features and i dont want them. ive got all i need. whats the point of locked pots if you can unlock them yourself at that moment when you need to spend it makes no sense, rather stupid if you ask me.

But they were never truly locked if you could ask COps to unlock them :wink:

But I agree, it does defeat the object of you are able to unlock them yourself with minimal effort!

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lol wow monzo actually made a stupid move, they should have just allowed direct debits to leave locked pots like bills ext… it makes no sense that pots can be unlocked yourself. whats the point of locking it then?

I think we all agree on that point. Several people gave exactly that feedback when self service unlocking was announced. But this implementation was simply done as a quick way to reduce cops pot unlock requests.

A solution with more friction should come eventually I believe.


No I do understand them. I lock money away to save for something… this will then unlock on a specific date I’ve set or when I’ve reached my goal.

Instead your using them to lock money away to then waste Monzo’s time to unlock them instead of just using a standard pot. Now because of people misusing locked pots and wasting a lot of their time having to unlock them they have change how they work so that the user can unlock them without contacting anyone.


The “stupid move” was done to help people like yourself misusing locked pots.

As others said they are working on a committed spend pot but until then they’ll likely keep locked pots easy to unlock by the user to stop people wasting Monzo’s time by misusing them.


How will you get the update that will allow direct debits to come from a pot if you don’t update? :thinking: