Charge us a fee for unlocking pots early

Can Monzo please make unlocking pots harder??
For example, charge us a fee (eg; 5% of whatever we have saved) whenever we choose to unlock a pot before the set date.
You could take a cue from these guys…PiggyVest.

Suspiciously good interest rates on savings and investments? Impossibly good in the current climate.

Sorry if it’s not, but as it’s this account’s first post, profile image just added in the last minute, it all seems a bit spammy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Forgive me for being cynical.

LOL. I just want Monzo to help me save money is all. Monzo pots are too easy to unlock. The link I added (piggyvest); my main reason for mentioning them is for their saving culture. When you lock pots with them, if you choose to break the pot before the set date, you will be charged a fee of 5% of whatever you have saved in that pot. I am hoping Monzo adopts this.

I think this is the better link I should have used. please read it, thanks. (link deleted)
And your cynicality is forgiven… :sweat_smile:

Im stuck here because i love the idea and was very critical when monzo removed the previously perfect for me locked pots.

Butttt i agree and see this is more a post on your behalf to promote this other service :man_shrugging: Or at least thats how it seems to me


Sigh, ok, I’ll delete the links. :pensive: I just want really locked pots is all.

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Lol! Thanks!

We can tell as you’ve posted this in loads of other topics too :wink:

Sadly it won’t work. As with the last bit of friction Monzo put on pots it just causes certain people to abuse the lock system. They’ll still moan and complain about the charges which will clog up customer services despite them agreeing to the terms. They will then slander Monzo all over the place unnecessarily if Monzo stand their ground because “they desperately need their money to feed their kids but Monzo won’t give it them”.

More hassle than it’s worth if you ask me, sadly :frowning_face:

I’ve found that hidden pots is now a great way of saving money. Out of sight, out of mind. Give it a go if you’re on Android or keep an eye out for it coming soon if you’re on iOS.


Hidden pots? Huh. I’m on Android. Teach me how to use these hidden pots please. Thank you.

Hidden pots? Huh. I’m on Android. Teach me how to use these hidden pots please. Thank you.

No problemo! :smiley:

First you need to enable it in labs (let me know if you need further detail on this)
Then when you swipe down from your home screen and see your pots list you should have :eye: icons next to your pots to hide them. :slight_smile:

Huh. Tried this. All pots hidden. I’ll have to un-hide each one individually before I can save money inside manually (choosing not to use automated savings yet). And then hide them back. And then un-hide them for my next manual saving. And etc…
Sigh. Thanks though. I’ll still keep campaigning for Monzo to make breaking pots more difficult. I heard they once had the option of making you call their customer service centre before you were allowed to break pots?

Is it possible for Monzo to give individual clients different options on how they want pots broken?

  1. Allow me break pots anytime I want.
  2. Make me wait for 2 days after I’ve sent my request to break a pot.
  3. Make me wait for 5 days after I’ve sent my request to break a pot.
  4. Charge me money for choosing to break a pot.
  5. Insist I call customer care to ask them to break a pot for me.
  6. Pots cannot be broken no matter what.

Can Monzo give all these options to customers and allow them to pick whichever they want for each pot?

That’s why it didn’t work.

It was built for people to lock money away to save for as long as possible but people weren’t doing that. They were locking their spending pots to try and stop them from dipping in, so everytime they wanted to buy something they requested an unlock so It put loads of strain on customer services. People were doing this almost daily.

They admitted that they knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but ultimately didn’t care. Then Monzo removed the feature, we discussed lots of other options - video unlocks was another but it has since been shelved.

Why? That’s the best part about saving and is what makes it easy. Especially if you hide the pot so you don’t see how much it is building up.

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You need to read the below topic, its replies and linked topics within it to understand why what you’re asking won’t be done. This will also give you a better understanding of the situation back then vs now.


You haven’t said anything about the 6 options I listed for breaking each individual pot you open. Are you guys open to considering that? Should I post the whole things again, for clarity?

As @Ordog as provided in the link above you need to read that.

The 6 options you are asking for will probably not happen ever, the only real option you have currently is to create Easy access savings pots that give you a minimum of 24hrs and a maximum of i think 72hrs toaccess the funds.


As @Juggy69 said your comment reveals that you haven’t read the topic i linked to. I understand that there is a lot to digest which is why I gave you a summary but if you’re serious and you want to keep pushing for this then you must read the topic.