Unable to open a joint account

Issue: Unable to choose a contact for opening a joint account

Details to reproduce:
1. Select “Apply for a joint account” from Home
2. Allow Monzo to access my phone contacts
3: Monzo displays a few contacts to open a joint account with. It seems like a random selection of contacts
4. There is no way of choosing a contact not on the list or enter contact details manually.

OS: iOS V15.5
Device: iPhone 11
App Version: 5.5.0



The person you wish to open a joint account with must have a Monzo account already. This is a list of your contacts with a Monzo account.


To add to the above. They must also set their settings to show other monzo users/share with contacts they have a monzo account.

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To slightly add to the ‘Unable to open a shared account’ theme. There is a trapping loop when told I’m unable to open a shared account, click continue then choose “No thanks” on Shared Tabs introduction, it brings you back to the screen informing me that I can’t have a joint account.

(Guessing it needs a double pop off the stack to take me back to where I was)