I cannot create a Joint Account

Issue: When I go into create a joint account, I no longer see the list of my contacts to create a joint account with.

Details to reproduce: Go to Profile (click on the profile picture) → scroll down to select “Open a Joint account” → Click “Next” on the following 4 screens → Joint Account Set-Up screen should show a list of all contacts (this is empty for me).
OS: Android
Device: Samsung S10+
App Version: 4.11.1


Does your contact that you want to open the account with have pay with friends/ pay a contact on? And do you?

I am sure at least one of my contacts do. As you can see none of my contacts are shown and I have over 150 contacts on Monzo!

Try reinstalling the app and see if that fixes it

That sounds a bit extreme, but happy to give that a try.

When odd things like this happens it usually sorts it out :crossed_fingers:

It’s the computer equivalent of turn it off and back on again.

Make sure you have payments with friends enabled too :blush:


I have enabled that, but looks like reinstall is the way to go.

So, that did not work. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still same issue. Does anyone form Monzo actually work here?

You’ll need to go to in app chat if you want staff support

How can I do that? I have tried looking for help categories and the only way I can initiate chat is, if it has anything to do with money or change of name etc. I cannot find a chat button anywhere. The help topic that I had was this “Report a bug” and it took me here.

All buttons lead to the same chat system. So click one of those or search ‘contact us’

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seach the help section for ‘contacting support’ and you’ll get a link

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Thank you @Ordog and @Rat_au_van that has been the most useful help I have got! I managed to get in touch. Will keep this thread posted.