iOS contacts bug

**Issue: app is no showing all contacts

**Details to reproduce: trying to open joint account - but my wife’s contact details not appearing in list. In fact I would estimate only 10% of my contacts are showing

I have checked the phones privacy settings to ensure Monzo app has permission to access contacts

I have disabled and re-enabled privacy settings

I have uninstalled and re-installed the app

**OS: iOS 17
**Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
**App Version: 5.64.0 #5640053

**Screenshots: can’t share screenshots due to personal contacts details. The description above describes the bug

Please note : I only opened my account today and this is a terrible user experience. Was planning to move significant funds into account- but unable to share with my wife - means I will have to choose another bank !

Very poor - especially as I can see other users complaining about the same thing several month back !

Note sure why the person HAS to be in my contact list - why is there no option to add via details ? My wife also has a Monzo account- and so we are trying to open a joint account between 2 Monzo users - this should not be so difficult !

Look forward to a prompt response

Does your wife have this enabled?

It might be that one or both of you are not eligible so it’s not giving you the option.

Yes I have checked permissions on both phones in the setting app - both are enabled

Then it could just be eligibility.

If you’ve only opened your accounts today, give it a minute.

Try again tomorrow.

Not all your contacts may show in the monzo app, they also need to share their permission their side for you to see they have monzo, privacy and all that.

Is your wife’s number in your phone twice? Might be worth checking it’s not duplicated anywhere.

Irrelevant to the topic tbh.


Appreciate your response

Your point about my wife’s number may be in the phone twice - could be true. I am curious if this is a know issue ?

Personally never came across this issue, others may.

What do you mean by this ?

We have both opened new Accounts and now want to open a joint account.

What about eligibility could cause the app to only show a small portion of my contact list ?
is there any documentation that would indicate eligibility criteria ?

There’s no public criteria. It could be that a whole host of reasons. They don’t have to offer an account to everyone.

It might just be that both your accounts are new as Carlo said.

If your wife has everything turned on, so do you, then one/both of you might not meet a criteria so they don’t even give you the chance to apply.

OK - I have removed the duplicate contact in my phone - and it is now working !!!

Thank you all for your suggestions - truly appreciated


Great stuff, I’m sure it’s been mentioned previously about a dupe contact impacting this - the app doesn’t know how to handle it I guess!

Happy monzo’ing.

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