Trouble creating joint account


Been trying all day to create a joint account with my partner, but the app doesn’t seem to be letting either of us do this. Does anyone know if there’s currently some kind of system error, or they’re not accepting new applicants or anything?
Or if there’s anything we’re neglecting to do first. We tap the ‘Open a joint account’ button on our app, press ‘next’ 3 times to get through the helpful info pages, and end up on a screen that says ‘Who do you want to create a joint account with?’. The only option that appears is ‘Contacts on monzo’ but nothing happens when we tap this option. I thought it must be a problem with my phone but it’s happening for both of us. We have each other as contacts. Any ideas?

Have you tried to uninstall then reinstall the app on both phones just incase it’s some weird glitch, other than that I’ve no ideas so maybe a chat with support if you’ve ruled that out

Do you have payments with friends switched on in your app settings?

Yeah we’ve both got it turned on, but I might try turning it off then back on again now. Thank you for the suggestion.

I’ll try that now, thanks you. Where is chat support? Had a look through the help section earlier but didn’t see it, never had to use it before.

If you type in contact us it should bring up an option