Trying to open a MONZO account! Keeps saying my telephone number is already in use!

Trying to openan account but it seems to have remembered my telephone number and keeps saying it is already in use! Choose another one. I don’t have another one! HELP

Where has it remembered your number from? Have you applied before? If so, were you successful? How long ago was it?

No idea where it remembered my number from , unless…I started to open an account last year but never got past the address/id verification. It then fell off my radar. but why would it remember my number and no other details?

Have tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Still get the same result.

Looks like it. You’ll have to email but don’t expect a quick reply.

Thanks…will give it a go!

If you are asked for your phone number, you are in the sign-up flow.
You need to be using the log-in flow to login if you’ve already signed-up, but you appear not to have completed the sign-up process,so you are in limbo. As @Revels pointed out, contact Monzo via email for help with this.

See here for reference;

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