Phone number is already in use

Hello, I can’t open the app because it says phone number is already in use… What should I do?

Hi and welcome to the community,

If you are trying to sign in then you’re using the wrong email address for sure.

If you are trying to sign up for monzo then you’ll need to email to see why your number is in use.



If you had an account in the past, then your number will still be attached to that account even if closed. You need to ask Monzo to reopen the account or login with your email address if you remember it.

If you never had an account before, you may have a recycled number (as in it used to be used. It became dormant, then was reissued for use), and you will need to contact Monzo to get the number removed so you can use it.

Monzo by law has to keep details of a user for 6 years after you (or others) close your account.

The email address @kolok has posted above is really your only option.


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