Phone number already in use

I deleted my monzo account and I tried to create a new account. The number I’m using is the same number I used on my other account as I only have one mobile number. After entering the verification code it says phone number already in use.

I think you need to get in contact if you delete an account and then want to come back. is probably your best bet.

Hey Waaris :wave:

If you closed your account before, we would need to look to reopen that rather than open a new one most likely. Either way, the quickest way to get this sorted is by emailing

If you could include your phone number in that email, and a selfie of you holding up some ID, the team should be able to get that sorted :raised_hands:

Great thanks for that will do!

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I’m in the same position, I emailed in on Tuesday and was told it’s being looked into. I’ve not heard anything since despite chasing via email Thursday and Friday. I can’t get through on the phones either.

Makes me wonder if it’s a good idea rejoining. I hope it’s sorted because I really regret leaving in the first place.

Email and phone aren’t Monzos primary support channels, in app chat is where they focus all their resource.

You’ll have a much better support experience once your access is restored :slight_smile:

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It takes a while i think. I managed to log into my old account and ask to reopen which there looking into and I asked for my details to be updated. I got told to reinstall and reinstall app and now can’t access but I imagine monzo will email me back when they can.