We’re turning off debit card top-ups for everyone on 2nd October 2018

We’ve decided to switch off debit card top-ups for everyone on Monzo from 2nd October. That means that you won’t be able to add money to your account with another debit card from in the app anymore – you can make a bank transfer, set up a recurring payment, have your salary paid in or use Monzo.me instead.

We originally included debit card top-ups in the app because we began life as a prepaid card, and couldn’t offer bank transfers. Every time someone adds money by topping up, we pay a small fee to a third-party company who process the payments. In the last year these fees cost us about £4m. Now we’re a fully fledged bank, there are other ways to put money into your account, that don’t cost nearly as much.

We wanted to be sure this was the right thing to do, so as well as discussing our options with you, we’ve been testing what Monzo without debit card top-ups looks like. Since March, new Monzo customers haven’t had the option to add money by debit cards, and we found that customer satisfaction is just as high as it was for people who had access to debit card top-ups.

Some people have told us they wouldn’t mind paying to keep topping up by debit card. This is something we considered, but decided that introducing fees that customers would need to think about would add too much complexity to their experience. We feel the best option is to focus on making it as easy as possible to move and manage your money in other ways.

So we hope that this notice period gives you enough time to figure out which other ways add money work best for you. As we mentioned earlier, you can:

  • Make a bank transfer

  • Set up a recurring payment

  • Have your salary paid in

  • Use Monzo.me

(Head to the Help screen in your app to find instructions for each)

We’ll also be sending an email to people who’ve used a debit card to top up in the last three months next week, to make sure everyone’s fully informed about what’s going on.



Monzo user for 2+ years :tada:

Current account user for 1+ years! :tada:

Haven’t used a debit card topup for 1+ years! :joy:

Happy to see it go, it’s not needed on a fully fledged bank :smiley: Just get salary paid in :boom: job done :wink: (or send yourself an FPS from another bank if you aren’t #FullMonzo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hot_coral_heart:)


Sorry to see this functionality go. But happy to see that Monzo.me is being signposted as an alternative, at least.


There’s many ways to top up without needing to use another banks card…

I see this as a positive step personally. Anyone who thinks they can’t use Monzo without this feature, I’d suggest you write your current position and I bet as a community we can give lots of ways to solve it ! :slight_smile:

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Good move, hopefully, it will push old users to switch or move their salary to Monzo.




Original Post was drafted 7 days ago and had several edits which show Monzo is taking this seriously and are ready for some backlash here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just one question @Jami Why is monzo.me being offered as an alternative to top up? Is the cost too low for this to be OK? And what is the possibility that monzo.me cost might start to add up and then you guys will have to decide that it has to go :man_shrugging:


I don’t know why you’d limit this information. This is important change and I believe all users should be informed about it. Maybe not via email, but notification in the app.

Other than that, I’m not bothered by this change, it can go.:smiley:


Makes sense - as a #fullmonzo user I have never used a debit card to topup my account. Monzo is a bank and I have never had any other bank account where I can fund my account with a debit card.


Agree with :point_up_2:, every user with the top-up feature should be informed.


We’ve added some in-app information that people will see if they go to top up before 2nd October, it’ll get turned on next week (it’s also why this post is so old, we needed a URL to link to from the app!).


Good question! Monzo.me has lower transaction limits, so the costs should be more contained there.


Will this also be a blog post @Jami? :smiley:

Just curious :stuck_out_tongue: - I guess it’s not a ‘feature’ you want to shout too much about :joy:


Please don’t ever get rid of monzo.me

I :heart: it


I’m not sure if a blog post is needed, we have a higher chance of reaching people in-app and via email. Not sure what we’d gain by adding a Blog Post into the mix. We’ll see if things are still confusing/unclear after next week.


Hopefully monzo.me will be improved! :slight_smile:


In what way? :wink:

FWIW, I think it’s pretty decent :smiley: Very easy to use, some hiccups with 3D secure (other banks at fault)

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So was lowering the transaction limit considered for Card Top-ups instead of totally removing it. And I guess Monzo would owe an apology to some people who were convinced to get the current account on bases that Monzo CA will be same as Prepaid.


I seem to remember a few people from the other discussion thread said they used it as a vector to get cash into their Monzo accounts - for those people, how is that new feature going - they’d probably appreciate it being ready before topups are killed?