The Next Step: Current Accounts!

We’re one step closer to bringing current accounts to everyone!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be stopping signups to the prepaid scheme, before inviting existing users to upgrade to the current account.

More on what the next few months will look like here


I have an Alpha card that I got whilst living in London. I’ve since moved to Spain, however I get paid by my employer in GBP into a UK bank account. (I don’t work in Spain)

I’ve updated my Monzo account to my Spanish address without any problems.

Will I be able to migrate to the Current Account with my Spanish address?

Hoping there is going to be full feature parity with the prepaid card before regular users are asked to move over!


So when does the App get updated?

@nick69g The update is already in iOS and should be arriving on Android later this week, probably Thursday!


As in the TestFlight app update?

@nick69g Nope, in the App Store :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you referring to the update which adds new users to the CA waiting list?

The CA is a seperate app so you won’t notice any change in the prepaid app if you’re an existing customer. You will be offered the option to switch to a CA via your pre paid app in a matter of weeks.

You didn’t mention about investor CA cards, when will people get those?

I’m just asking for other people coz I’m nice like that :upside_down_face:


Slightly confused by this paragraph…

I’m an existing Monzo user on the Current Account Preview :eyes:

Thanks for all your help with testing! Over the coming weeks we’ll get in touch through the app to ask you to migrate your prepaid account. With a few taps, you’ll be able to transfer your balance and information over to your current account. In the meantime, we will continue to add more features to the current account like Monzo-to-Monzo payments and 24/7 customer support so it’s got all the stuff from prepaid and more."

Which app will you be getting in touch from?
Will we be transferring our ‘TestFlight’ CA balance to the prepaid card?
When will we receive a new card?



So that’s :monzo: 1.9.16 #339 for the prepaid and :monzo: 2.0.0 #322 for the Current Account Preview?

(Just my OCD kicking in)

I’m using the iOS CA preview TestFlight app. Was wondering that was being updated as it expires in about 50 days I think.

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I think that the pre-paid app will become/is the Monzo app, and that the current account app that we currently have will be retired as it was just a placeholder so we could setup/test DD/SO/Payments.

The move over simply updating the pointers to the current account in the Monzo app.

That also gets around the test flight limits because the Monzo app is already released rather than a closed beta group

Those will come a little later- we want to get the current account out there to as many people as possible first. Investor cards won’t be far behind though!

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Hi Bea,

Quick question, I got invited to try out the Current Account Beta, but most features of the pre-paid card were not working - I decided to wait for the full release, does the “full release” include all the pre-paid features - or are some still not working?

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So…here’s some in-depth details (it gets a little complicated!) :smiley:

We currently have two apps in the wild on each platform — one in the App Store/Play Store and one on Testflight/Google Beta channel. The one on the app stores is currently the prepaid app, the one on the testing channels is the current account app.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing an update to the app that’s in the app stores on both platforms that will support both prepaid and current account :tada: Once that’s released, we’ll start to invite people who are on prepaid to convert to current account. They won’t have to go through Testflight/Google Beta channel at all.

For those on the Preview, we’ll eventually move you over to the app store apps — and help you merge everything from prepaid and current account together :boom: That might be this month or early November.

Once that’s all done, there’ll no longer be separate apps in Testflight/Google beta channel (although we’ll use them for testing new features like we always have done).

it sounds complicated but hopefully it’ll be very clear when it actually happens :slight_smile: We’ll walk you through everything.


Yep, it’ll include Monzo-to-Monzo payments, 24/7 support, the updated Help screens and all of that. We might not bring over things like immediately because a) not many people use it and b) we’d prefer to focus on new features like CASS (Current Account Switching Service) :slight_smile:


Hopefully we can still help you out with testing going forward if required?


Hi Tristan,

Oh, that’ll be a shame - I use splitting all the time - there is no other way to request money (my friends are rubbish at paying me, I need to request it) - I would much prefer a way to request money from Monzo friends directly through the app, similar to how on the prepaid card paying a Monzo user is now.


:100: agree! Are your friends on Monzo?


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: please don’t get rid of… Saying that though CASS is pretty important, was actually speaking to someone this morning about converting but he said he won’t bite the bullet till this is implemented