Top Up Categories and Targets

Please can we alocate top-ups to categories.

I am using the Expenses category a lot and it would be great to pay my expense income into the same category - Then I could see how much my employer owes me.

The same feature would allow me to pay money in for budgets - I would immediately use this to save towards my Holiday Target.


I also need this. One example why is I pay for the weekly groceries, when my girlfriend transfers me her half back I need to put this payment into the Groceries catagory/target to know what I personally have spent.

Actually until this feature is realised Targets are basically useless to me. Does anyone know of a work around in the meantime?

I have a couple of suggestions -

  1. You can disable the Groceries target, by tapping the target number. This would allow you to continue using the target functionality but your spend in the Groceries category will still be deducted from the overall monthly target (it would probably make more sense if spend from disabled categories wasn’t deducted from the overall target).

  2. If you only spend in the Groceries target (I realise that’s unlikely of course), you could double the target number for that category.

Just to mention, bill splitting is one of the features that’re next up, according to the roadmap but judging by the name, it may only be available for the Bills category not the Groceries category :grimacing:

@hugo there’s a couple of potential tweaks to the existing / upcoming features here so I thought I’d mention you, to make sure that you see this post

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I can’t see this being the case personally, and I notice you put ‘…it may only…’ so I’m not meaning to be nasty so sorry if it comes across that way. Bills could be eating out as well as general household bills and in this case also grocery shopping. To limit it to one category, in my eyes, would be a really silly thing for Monzo to do.


I tried looking for this but couldn’t find anything specific - I think it would be good to be able to change category for incoming payments. E.g. When my boyfriend paid me half of the grocery bill, I was unable to categorise this under Groceries. Meaning that the whole bill was being counted towards my Groceries target - making me hit the target much faster than I actually did.


Hi there,

I am nearly always the one booking things for all my friends, they send me money back, but as I can’t attribute that received money to spent items or categories my spending seems WAY off.

A way to be able to click on received money and attribute it to a category or specific purchase and that update my spending for the month would be great!


Hey Justin,

I’ve moved your post to this topic, to keep all of the discussion about this request in one place.

I’m keen to use this improvement too! Since the targets are based on categories, I assume that once we can categorise incoming payments, the targets will also pick up these credits :slight_smile:

Monzo’s said that this will be solved by version 1 of the bill splitting feature (we have version 0 at the moment), which is on the roadmap here -

For what it’s worth, I would really agree with this feature.

My use case is pretty much identical: I buy groceries and stuff for my flatmates, then they pay me (still working on making them use my link rather than a bank transfer to my other account ;)). But now my targets are all off.

Glad to see it’s going to be addressed in the bill splitting feature, but I feel maybe it wants something deeper: if you want to categorise an incoming payment, you should be able to.

Hello fellow Monzo users!

I have only recently started using Monzo and absolutely love it. I only use my account for my monthly spending money (lunches, lifestyle etc.) and I think it is great how I can keep track of how much I spend on a daily basis buying lunch at work and then how much more I spend on a weekend eating out, buying coffee etc.

Yesterday was out with a friend and decided I would show off my shiny new Monzo cars (I know no-one likes a show off, but feel that it is acceptable when using this card) by paying for some food and a separate transaction at a bar for a couple of drinks. Usually it would be a case of paying separately or just ‘you pay next time’ situation, however we were only out for a limited amount of time.

After sending said friend a .me link to pay me the friend was very impressed with how quickly the transaction showed up on phone (I love that it’s instant) and how easy it was to split the transaction between another person.

So… It’s all great up to this point, however I noticed this last week when buying food for a picnic before splitting via .me and that is when comrades pay you via the .me link, I notice that the amount they have paid does not reduce the total spend for that month on that category. Yesterday I spent around £27 om food and entertainment, however my net spend was only £13.50 and feel this skews my overall spend.

Bottom line is that I would love to see a .me payment reducing the transactional value impact on monthly spending for the transaction that the .me link was created from. I appreciate that this may not be able to be changed for the rolling statement but could be a great addition into monthly spending as this seems separate from the statement page.

I am sorry this may be long winded, I’m pretty new to monzo so this may be something that is available and with more experience using the app I may be able to make this more concise, however wanted to get this out there to help developers if this hasn’t been picked up yet.

Happy Monzo User

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but weather I get some of the money back from my work comrades or not, I have still spent the original amount, so I would want to categorise those incoming .me payments not under the original transaction category but like a deposit or gift.

Hi Daniel!

That’s an awesome explanation of the situations where you’ll run into this issue & the difficulties it causes!

I’m a big fan of using for bill splitting too but it is a bit of a pain that the repayments aren’t deducted from the monthly spend & Targets.

The team are aware of this problem & working to fix it. In the meantime, I’ve shared some (imperfect) workarounds at the top of this post.

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this idea in one place.

Thanks Alex,

I knew there would be someone else to have thought if this. :smile:

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