Crediting Repayments to Targets

(TobyD) #1

When we split the bill, would it not be a good idea, when you get paid that this gets deducted from your spend that month in that category in targets?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

That does make sense, it’s something that Monzo knows they need to deal with -

Once you can add credits to categories, I assume that they’ll be credited to the category’s target too.

I’m hopeful that when version 1 of bill splitting gets released (as opposed to version 0, which is what we have now), this will be one of the changes that’re made. Naji’s comment suggests that it will be.

Ultimately, this is where Monzo wants to get to -

(Sameer Patel) #3

This would be very useful, is there any update from Monzo’s side?