Just given this quick go and my 2 bits of feedback I would like to put out there:

  1. I can’t add a note once the payment has been received! :frowning:

  2. As Monzo captures the users e-mail, it would be nice to feed that into my phone and then for the app to look at my contacts and see if I have a contact that matches, then to pull in that persons contact name :slight_smile:

Otherwise, works pretty flawlessly. :slight_smile: I imagine once bill splitting comes out, the app could fire out a number of links to my friends to collect the money :slight_smile:


I love this new feature :heart:

It’s also great to have another way to top up my own account - since I’ve had trouble in the past with my other bank declinining top ups.

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Thanks a lot for that feedback, spot on :heart_eyes:


I was doing some more thinking about and It’s really great, especially for requesting money from people you don’t know. However I was thinking, it would be nice if once a link was sent out, especially for friends and family, to be able to see all the people I’ve sent money requests too and to see if they have paid me or not, and if they haven’t to automatically send them a nudge every week or so till they pay me back haha :slight_smile: I think this would also work nicely with Bill Splitting so I can see one a payment request has gone out, who exactly has paid me back and who hasn’t!

EDIT: I was just thinking, maybe at the bottom where it currently says ‘Contacts’ should be something like Pay / Receive? I guess in the future you can then hide Standing Orders and Direct Debits in there too. Also maybe put a little Request button next to the contact next to where it currently says pay so I can skip the share sheet that pops up.


After having received some genuine payments from friends, my only bit of feedback not already covered would be to allow for the payment to be categorised.

My real world use case for this has already happened. I’ve made a deposit to a restaurant to cover myself and friends deposits in total and this payment is correctly categorised as Eating Out. They’ve repaid me through but because I’m not able to re-categorise the payments from friends and therefore my Eating Out target for the month is already exceeded.

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That would be great, it feeds into this request -

this has been an ‘issue’ for quite some time so I’m guessing that the only reason why we haven’t seen a sneak peak of the solution for this from Hugo, is there isn’t much to show, in terms of the UI. Hopefully it’s being worked on anyway! :slight_smile:


I think this will turn out to be huge.:grinning:

As an additional feature, I quite like the idea that when you Force Touch the Monzo icon on an iPhone’s home screen, your could displayed on the resulting drop-down.

I was at the Monzo event yesterday (thanks! :tropical_drink:), and someone asked me for my, and it took a few steps for me to share it with them - since the spelling of my surname isn’t that obvious. Creating a shortcut to display it would make it easier to share. Of course, there could be other ways to make sharing even easier - although I’m not sure whether QR codes would necessarily be the best option.


In theory my surname is simple to spell but it is consistently spelt incorrectly in varying degrees. I like the idea of the being displayed in the same area as that copied link space for Chrome.

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Easy to dislike but they really are functional…

Where I am LINE is the big messaging app… And line Pay for money transfers is popular with facebook merchants and small volume sellers… QR codes make it all so simple and is sure its the right accounts.

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I agree that QR codes can be really handy - particularly if you’re sharing your with another Monzonaught and there’s a reader in the app - but much less handy if your audience doesn’t have QR reader to hand.

And I think if I were sharing with another Monzonaught, bump, Bluetooth or just plain OCR might be even more seamless than QR

Not all iPhones support force touch, but more do support widgets. I’d prefer just being able to swipe left and tap on my link to show it and share directly from there.

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I like the idea of Monzo snapcodes as Phat mentioned, which could be available in the Profile page or by launching from 3D Touch.

Ultimately, the name issue will be solved once you can pick your own. But in the meantime, maybe sending the link via WhatsApp etc. would be easier?

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Agreed that WhatsApp is great for sharing with people whose phone number you have. However, sometimes the request will be from someone you don’t know (e.g. after a group meal) and it would be great to be able to get a request out to them too

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I’ve noticed that when I send a payment request to different people who subsequently pay me, the options I get differ:

  • for some of them, I get the option to create a contact by saving their phone number, and I can also pay them
  • for others, their phone numbers aren’t shared with me, and all I can do is view the payment. I can’t pay them

Is this a privacy feature, and if so, how does it work?

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I have a couple of questions about I’d be very grateful if someone could answer.

  • Is it possible to add a photo to my link? If so, how?
  • If someone pays me via, do they get some kind of record/receipt confirming to them that they have paid?
  • Are they asked to enter an email address when they pay (which might be useful for a receipt)? If they are, can you confirm they don’t get spammed with email invitations to sign up?


Not yet, I assume that your profile picture will be the one that’s displayed on the page. Profiles haven’t been developed yet but as Hugo mentioned earlier in the topic, they will be.

They do, it looks like this -

Yes so that they can receive the receipt, it’s optional. And no spam (I haven’t received any)…because that would suck.


Love this .me feature. I can’t wait till I can assign my own user name. As currently giving out my full legal name is rather lengthy.
When this feature is eventually available will there be some sort of order so that users who have been with monzo longer get the chance to reassign first? Maybe release the ability in batches of 5-10k users up to the current number of members.

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