Basic Budgeting by Category or Day

Hi all.

New Mondo user here! Love the app so far. Had a few teething problems with top up but everything else is great.

I realise having searched the threads that there are already several feature requests regarding budgeting that seem to go into some detail. I think in the interim it could be really handy to set simple targets for each category?

For example I roughly know every month I aim to spend around £250 on travel. It would be useful to be able to click on this category, set £250 for the month and for the budgeted amount to show in the category view. If the amount for the month is below £250, highlight green and then turn red if you’ve gone over. I might be wrong but I don’t think this would take too much to implement?

I personally would find this useful setting a spend target for a particular day too. If I know I’ve got a day out planned that I only want to spend £80 it would be great to be able to select the up coming Saturday from the calendar, set a budget for £80 and for the ‘spent today’ to give some indication of how close you are to going over (maybe colour coded again?).

Hi @AndrewDowning thanks a lot for this suggestion :slight_smile:

You’d love to know that just this week we’ve started a design sprint around budgeting and exactly what you’re proposing is one of the concepts we’re working on. We’ll share a few ideas :soon:


Just an idea but it would be useful to be able to define the month, for instance my financial month runs 23rd to 23rd becuase that’s when I’m paid, appreciate this is More complex but is one of my biggest bug bears with existing money tools options