Target Balance Should Increase when Contacts Repay Me (Bill Splitting)


I have a target for eating out set to £50. If myself and a friend went out to a restaurant and I paid for the bill in full, let’s suppose the bill was also £50, my target would be completely used up. Even if my friend paid me £25 under the ‘Eating Out’ category, my target would still show as being used up.

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As a user, if my contact sends me money under a category, it increases the amount of money left (under Spending/Targets) to spend in that category. The outcome of this is to more accurately track spending and monitor targets.


This is a feature / bug that’s been bought up before - although not explained in as much detail as your post :thumbsup:

It sounds like Hugo’s planning to address this when the bill splitting feature is launched, towards the beginning of next year -

I hope you don’t mind me updating the title of your post, original title was “As a user, my spending amount left increases when my contacts pay me”. If you don’t like my edit, please feel free to change it back.

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The updated title is all good!


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Hey David, the existing targets feature is first step towards a more sophisticated bill splitting feature which we’re working on. This should provide a solution to this exact scenario :slightly_smiling_face:


Fantastic! I was just about to post this same request :ok_hand:

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So with the ‘Spending Tab’ it doesn’t take into account when you split the fair of a purchase - therefor it isn’t a true reflection of spend. Example;

I spend £60 - I split fair with 1 person(£30 returned)
Spend should then show £30 not £60


Hey Jess, you’re right it should - I’ve moved your post here as Naji’s mentioned earlier in the thread that a fix is on the way :tada:

Awesome :slight_smile: thanks for the response

I’ve been using Monzo for nearly a month and although I really like the concept I’ve noticed a major flaw which I hope will be fixed before the current accounts are out.

The issue arises when I split expenses on Monzo with other users; this is not taken into account on my spending targets. For example if I spend £100 and then get £50 transferred to me, as far as my targets are concerned I’ve spent £100. This is a nightmare for keeping track and actually renders the entire budgeting concept useless unless you are simply never splitting expenses. I think it’s a shame as splitting expenses is made quite easy by Monzo. Going forwards I think we should be able to allocate transfers in to the different spending areas or this should be done automatically based on the category of the initial expenditure.

Some other smaller points which I would like to see are being able to batch together expenses rather than send them all individually for splitting, a more simplified way to split expenses in app without copy and paste or doing the maths yourself and finally custom spending categories.

Hopefully I haven’t mentioned anything way too obvious that I’m just missing!


Hey @Abj1. I’ve moved your topic here as it sounds very similar to the request in this topic. As Naji mentions above, the final version of bill splitting should solve this scenario.


Hi there - I’ve checked roadmap and the forum and not seen this mentioned, so sorry if it’s a repeat.

For budgeting by category, we really need the ‘Split cost’ feature (possibly the most useful & groundbreaking feature if you’re in a couple!) to update the spending amount in the relevant category and merchant. As far as I can see, when you split the cost, the amount doesn’t update in those areas to reflect it.

We’re trying to budget each month for each category, and currently it’s not reflective of the amount actually spent.

Is this something you’re going to introduce?


Funny you should bring this up, Peludo - I literally just wrote (5 mins ago!) a very similar thought here about splitting bills…

I think we’re looking for similar things!

Yes that’s definitely the main issue with splitting @Hopkinsjmp , which otherwise is a brilliant feature. One person paying first, then splitting, is fine by me, although it’s a bit clunky - so personally I’m not too bothered about the automatic splitting idea based on location or otherwise, which I’d imagine would be quite a technical undertaking… But definitely I don’t really understand why categorising the amounts sent or returned should be difficult, if you can already categorise the merchants & payment type.


Does anyone if the original problem in this post was looked into? I love Monzo! However I keep going over my targets because it’s not recognising when I’ve spilt a bill and half the money has been paid into my account.




Unfortunately there’s no change yet - however it is coming and I can’t wait for it for the same reasons you mention.

It’s called “Breakdown” (not sure if final name) - a redesign of spending.

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