Exclude transactions from targets

The new targets feature is awesome however I think it could be improved by allowing users to exclude certain transactions. For example, yesterday my manager forgot his card at the office so I had to pay for something for him. As I did not have another card on me I had to use my Monzo card which now means that my remaining budget for the month is £40 shorter than it should actually be.

It would be really cool if we had a category that doesn’t get taken into account with targets or some way to exclude transactions as the one mentioned above.

You could categorise it as an expense and exclude that category from your targets.

If you got reimbursembursed in the next targets period, your target amount this month wouldn’t be offset for the next and vice versa. An idea of how this can be managed has been discussed here

and also here

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What is the possibility of including a feature whereby you can remove specific transactions from your overall spending target, or even an entire category (e.g. expenses)?

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I’d say the chances are quite high (seriously), watch this space..

I’m less sure about this but excluding expenses makes perfect sense to me!

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this functionality in one place.