Top of the waiting list for 3 weeks now


Hi! As the title says, I’ve been top of the waiting list for 3 weeks ( and I was wondering if things are just taking a while or something’s gone wrong. I originally signed up for the waiting list back when it was called Mondo, but never got round to ordering a card. I realise it’s a busy time, so I’m not in any particular rush, I’d just like to know it’s not completely stuck! Thanks!

(Leon) #2

It’s probably stuck. Emailing and speaking to the team will help you a great deal.


As much as I love Monzo I find it unacceptable that this nonsense keeps happening - you’re not the first one to be reporting this. Even if they can’t/don’t want to fix the root cause of this problem, why can’t they just run a database query every day for everyone that’s at the top of the queue but not been allowed to request a card, and then for those users do whatever process they do when you manually ask them by email?

(Simon B) #4

Simple answer - there’s not just one reason why this happens. A lot of it is down to the switch in infrastructure - once prepaid shuts down it will be a much more streamlined process.

Are you able to reach out through the in-app chat? Should be a simple fix. If not, DM your email address on here and we’ll investigate :grinning:


As a workaround just wire up a script that does the same request an app would do (with the user’s access token) and compare the expected response (where the app asks for the user’s details in order to send a card) with the faulty response that triggers the “stuck” behavior in the app? That’s what I would do. Horrible as hell but still better than leaving prospective customers hanging.

Once prepay shuts down is not an acceptable answer IMO, if the current account counter is correct you’ve still got roughly half of the customer base to move over, and it’s certain a lot more people are going to have this issue, and I’d say a lot of them will have no idea what to do (not everyone is on this forum), and even those that know how to reach out for help might not be bothered if they weren’t extremely invested into :monzo: like most of us here.

(Rika Raybould) #6

The genuine reason is that engineers have been on holiday so it’s generally just been me handling these. :sweat_smile:

As Simon said, there are multiple root causes for this related to the changeover between prepaid and current account waiting lists. We have already fixed the majority of these but there isn’t one magic query I can run to find every single person unfortunately (believe me, I’ve tried!). The per-account fix is very simple though.

For a few security and backend reasons, running a script against large numbers of users in the way you’ve described isn’t really possible without approval and engineering resources that could be better placed in fixing the root cause.

I’d expect that we would apply a proper fix in very early January but until then, I’ve been finding and unlocking batches of people as I’m able to find them over the last few weeks. :mag_right:


Thanks for the insight - hope it gets fixed in January as you said.

I’m surprised there are two waiting lists, was there any reason not to reuse the prepaid list? The waiting list shouldn’t have any effect on what scheme/card type is used down the line (as that’s determined after the user reaches the top of the list) so personally I see no reason not to reuse the existing list.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, can you share why some accounts were left in this inconsistent state? I’d love to know some of those “multiple root causes” :+1:

(Rika Raybould) #8

Sure, it’s technically one queue with current account rollout functionality bolted on to it but this was done due to the many stages we did the current account rollout in. Having the current account preview, then whitelisting existing users for the current account, shutting down prepaid signups, finally switching the waiting list over to open current accounts rather than prepaid accounts.

The bulk majority of issues came where people had gotten part way through prepaid account signups before we closed them down and returned them to the waiting list. Because the entire signup process and user profile service was rewritten for the current accounts only, there can be a few states where various services think you are somewhere in the now closed prepaid signup process or even already have an open prepaid account (but with no active cards) and are under the responsibility of the upgrade services, rather than initial signup services.

It’s an awkward situation but it is getting fixed. It’s not something we’re ignoring or just sitting on, things have just been very busy before the holidays. :+1:


Is it to be expected that I’ve been at the same position in the queue since signing up on the 23rd December?
I realise it’s been Christmas/New Year etc, but I’ve not explicitly seen any notice anywhere that no registrations are going to be processed during these days…


I’ve just tried the app again and it’s all sorted, thanks everyone for your input!

(Hugh Wells) #11

Hey @ResultantTendency!

DM me your sign up email and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


Hi @HughWells,
I have the same issue but can’t figure out how to DM you. Can you please help? My sign up E-mail to Monzo is the same as the one i used for Monzo Community.
Thank you!

(Peter Roberts) #13

Click his username and then click “Message” :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #14

New users can’t send DMs?

(Peter Roberts) #15

That seems like a flaw :expressionless:

@HughWells if this is true you probably want to report it up the chain as this must be very confusing for people signing up on here just to get help :confused:


Yes, Dunsford is right, i can’t DM :confused:

(Colin Robinson) #17

Sorry, it’s a Discourse thing:

(Hugh Wells) #18

I’ll get this sorted for you :+1:

As @Dunsford said, it’s a discourse thing I’m afraid :frowning:

(Peter Roberts) #19

Has Atwood not made it configurable :stuck_out_tongue:?

Edit: If theres no way to contact admins / mods for whatever reason then that seems like an enormous usability flaw

At the very least it is probably worth it for you Monzo guys doing the great job of being available on the forum here to look first at the rank of a user before suggesting PM as a potential contact option

(Hugh Wells) #20

Yup. And I can DM users of any rank so I should have, in this case, looked at the level and reached out over DM. Sorry for any confusion here.