Long Waiting List Time

(JLAnstee) #1

Hi, A few months ago I applied for a Monzo card - I know there is a wait - but should it be this long?

Also, how do they let you know when reach the top of the list? I can see this community window, but can’t see any facility for personal messages here.

Any help/pointers would be much apprecitaed.


(Tom Warren) #2

You should be informed on the app when you have reached the top of the list, I’d imagine you will have been eligible to get a card for a couple of months now.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Last time we were updated on this, the wait time was 1-2 weeks so it sounds like something’s gone wrong there.

I’d recommend contacting the support team by emailing help@monzo.com or sending them a DM on Twitter to ask them to look into this.

(Hugh) #4

You can always use a Golden Ticket :slight_smile:

(JLAnstee) #5

Thanks - will check it out.