Top 5 Community Moments

So I was waxing lyrical the other day about my top 5 community moments. I figured, since we all have a favourite moment in community history, we could share them here.

Here’s my top… few…

  1. New Neon Card Day - from the photo shop skills of @Lewis_P (who appears to be #TeamGree wtf) and @Revels and the amazing community exclusive - what a win.
  2. Google Sheets Auto Export Day - and the amount of fun had dashboarding and IFTTTing. That was a good day (until Plus/Flex/Other features broke it :()
  3. The Plus v1 Launch was seemingly pretty popular at the time too.
  4. Generally, and post that involves an @Peter_G deep dive or poll. Always good.

I’m going to think of spots 5 later in the day… What are yours?

(and yes I’m having a slow day of work now the anticipation of my new yello card has arrived)


In no particular order

@cnrgtl’s Master’s Project, particularly the idea of vaults, that we now see as Pots, but there is so much good stuff in there.

Monzo’s new look - Although I’m not a massive fan of the current app design, this thread and @bruno gave a pure masterclass in community engagement.

@Revels fantastic dashboard and @MalaiseForever spotting this in the guide which has spawned an in community joke.

The launch of Summary - It didn’t, and still doesn’t suit everyone but I remember really looking forward to this feature coming to the app. It was a big new feature that was open to all, even if it didn’t suit them. While I’ve used it less over the years I still value the Red/Amber/Green bar with the little ticker on the home screen. Perhaps that’s more of a monzo moment than a community one, but it did create a lot of buzz in the community.

The recent buzz in the community is also right up there for me, particularly with the new neon cards for the community thread. Team :disco::man_dancing:


Apple Pay was a huge hoot. When it got released accidentally, then rolled back, and people who had it could keep it, and those that didn’t, had to wait for a bit.


Ben I can’t believe you didn’t include pot images!

Great work from @rknightuk and always ready to update with the latest change that people want.

And a vote for @jackcully being a good sport with the photoshops and still posts despite knowing what’s coming when he does.


Ah yes Pot Images - also a pretty good time in the community. I remember aggressivley trying to recreate the Premium gradient to be used as a pot image. Still have some of my OG pot images from when that first came out. But I need to yelloify them now.


do you think i have time to argue with someone on here


That guy with the 2 fraudulent Apple Pay transactions that turned out to be drunk him. Classic thread. Now I need to find the link

Found it


It was the next day wasnt it?

Ah I had forgotten about that one! Excellent

The screenshots and that font!


when the whole site got closed down for a week due to the thread about someone getting their card sucked down the toilet on a train


What about when you made a new account to troll because you made such an idiot of yourself with the other one, Becky?

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Whaaat. I remember a few days shut down some time back, don’t think I ever saw the cause of it

Yes a few people created a thread about his card falling out of his pocket and down the toilet then multiple other posts followed such as i found a card on the train tracks. it got out of hand fast. its been removed now just tried to find it

im honestly not becky and thats the truth

You are. That’s why your Becky account was removed, because you can’t have two.

yep she has @revels. i found the toilet thread and shes banned Profile - BeckyRobinson - Monzo Community

  • The day(s) the forum stood still
  • When @N26throwaway nicked an email address offered as a joke profile and kept it running
  • @bruno 's engagement with v2 (outstanding)
  • Every post Danny made
  • Every post I’ve made

There are many, many, many more, too which I could mention if I got my thinking hat on :cowboy_hat_face: . All round entertainment this place is. Not bad going for a bank forum :eyes:


The recent one has got to be the neon card and how everyone changed their photos to the colour matching their card.

I can’t really think of anything else at this moment.